Tracking Lab Samples

by Bill Glover

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An interesting press release on new technology for tracking lab samples.

Maxell Corporation of America has announced the demonstration of its RFID embedded sample storage tube products for scientific and medical laboratories. The RFID-based demonstration was developed by Maxell with Kobe Bio Robotix and Tsubakimoto Chain in Japan. The demonstration shows how the pharmaceutical industry and academic institutions, for example, can use RFID for the management of high-value samples and stores of compounds. With 2D coding having already superseded linear barcodes for identification purposes, Maxell and its partners see RFID as a next-generation technology that could also transform how laboratories track and trace their specimens. Maxell's family of products includes single sample tubes and full systems for a standard sample tube rack. Specimen tubes include either a removable bottom (which encapsulates a rewritable RFID chip) or a permanently attached encapsulated RFID chip.

Imagine what a system like this could do for reducing human errors in lab tests by automating sample tracking.

This product could help reduce errors in everything from blood tests to forensic evidence. Can you think of some drawbacks to this kind of tracking for lab samples?