Treat Windows like Unix with

by David Sklar

For a variety of reasons, some having to do with expanding my technical horizons, some having to do with laziness, I've been spending more time with Windows XP these days and less time with Linux.

Things like Cygwin have made my sojourn in the Land of Windows smoother. Another source of incredibly helpful utilities has been Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell of Sysinternals. Thanks, guys!

In particular, programs like Process Explorer and TCPView have filled the grey, jagged hole created by the absence of lsof and netstat. (Yes, Cygwin comes with netstat, but TCPView is nicer.)

Any other Unix natives spending lots of time with Windows? What programs do you use to keep you sane?


2004-09-19 10:35:21
Microsoft's Software for Unix 3.5 is FREE to download. Interop Systems are actually the wizards behind the curtain (Interop Systems). Tons of Unix programs and utilities were ported and free to download. SFU is Microsoft's *nix killer app that will probably be included and more tightly integrated with Longhorn. Even now, you can ps or kill any apps running under XP. cd to /net and 'ls' all network computers and shares. /proc dir is there only for running processes... SFU comes with syslog, ssh, inetd, etc. Couldn't live without it since I was so accustomed to HP-UX, Solaris and AIX. ksh is standard and bash can be downloaded from Interop. Comes with a package installer, too. It's the first tool I installer after SysInternal tools.