does DataLibre

by Steve Mallett

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I just found out via Marc Canter that is now allowing users to upload their FOAF (self-published, Friend-of-a-friend, xml doc) to their social networking site. DataLibre anyone?

They've gone one step further and have allowed for exporting to a FOAF file aswell. The data is not a prisoner, and the user can move around freely if they wish to other sites with their data.

What I love about this most of all is that t forces a service to be creative and innovate with the service itself instead of leaning on the crutch of having trapped users with locked in data.

Nice, enlightend move!


2004-09-30 20:28:00
Link for DataLibre
The link for DataLibre might be instead of
I guess.


2004-10-01 05:01:03
Link for DataLibre
quite right.
2007-01-16 18:15:19
I'm really impressed!