Tritton Tech See2 Update

by Erica Sadun


About a year and a half ago, Tritton Tech announced they'd deliver Mac Mini support for their See2 USB-SVGA adapter ready by, oh say, July 2005. The See2 allows users to add an extra monitor through a USB port without having to add a monitor card--very convenient if you own a mini or laptop.

I gave them a call this morning to see where things were at. The Tritton rep I talked to said that Macintosh support was proving much harder than they expected, primarily because of Apple's complete indifference to their needs and total lack of support. (Edited to note: This is a summary of what I was told. This is not my personal editorial opinion about Apple. ) So when will the Mac See2 driver be ready? "Not any time soon," I was told. "Maybe another year out. If we get lucky." He added that you could use a See2 unit today on the Mac Mini, so long as you were willing to boot into Windows.


2006-10-13 15:32:21
I can't stand to hear "Apple's complete indifference to their needs and total lack of support".

What does that mean? How are they indifferent? What has See2 asked for from apple.

I'm sorry Erica but little blurbs like this article is just BS. I didn't realize you were a gossip columnist.

2006-10-13 15:59:15
I concur with Tim on this one. Lots of small vendors create kick ass hardware/software products for the in spite of "Apple's complete indifference". You can't expect Apple to actually do the engineering some point ya' gotta work with the specs provided or hack out some low level drivers to get the things working. I knew a small 4 person firm that had to reverse engineer the iPod communication protool (for an iPod remote) because at the time Apple was not supplying it to non-qualified (i.e. big names like Belkin) vendors. This iPod remote still works today and these guys are a qualified provider now....just took some balls and some effort.
Erica Sadun
2006-10-13 16:06:51
I'm paraphrasing what I was told when I asked the question. I didn't follow-up and ask what Tritton had asked for from Apple as I was mostly curious as to when the drivers might get released.
2006-11-16 02:45:44
I too asked Triton over a month ago what was happening with the Mac version. Their response was they were still waiting to hear back from Apple. What I son't understand is: If the current version works booting to Windows, then it is obviously compatible with the hardware. Doesn't this mean that all that is needed is a Mac software driver, rather that different hardware?
2007-03-31 11:14:33
Any updates? I don't see anything new on their site.