Truphone DEMOs Voip on iPhone

by Bruce Stewart

Truphone participated in this year's prestigious DEMO conference and the highlight of their presentation was showing off the running of their voip service on Apple's iPhone. Andy Abramson has all of the details, as well as a video of the iPhone demonstration.

It will be interesting to see how (and if) Apple responds to Truphone. It looks like Apple has decided to start playing hardball with the hacking community that has so quickly sprung up around the iPhone, and it's certainly plausible that AT&T is pushing Apple in that direction that as they stand to lose the most with the widespread use of iPhone unlocking software that's currently under fire. Of course, they also stand to lose money if voip applications become popular on the device. It sure seems like a losing battle though, we've seen the first voip app for the iPhone now but it won't be the last.