TSS Symposium chugging away

by Dion Almaer

The TSS Symposium is chugging away nicely. It is nice to see a small conference with good sessions after JavaOne. The most fun, for me, is getting to meet all of the great speakers at the conference. People rarely do look like their blog/reputation makes you imagine ...

Unfortunately, I have a damn cold which I am trying to fight off. The first day was busy for me too, as I gave a JDO talk, and ran hard core tech talks. Today should be a bit more low key.

The sheraton resort is out in Wakefield, but we managed to get to Harvard square last night for some fun. I am really excited about moving there in a few weeks.

Well, now to see Mike Cannon-Brookes talk, followed by Bruce Tate and Vincent Massol.

The things best done at the symposium are:

  • Having the schedule fit in your entry badge

  • Not having a cheesy bag, but a folder