Tuesday links

by Giles Turnbull

So, the Illuminous rumors are spreading. Personally, I don’t expect Aqua to be replaced, so much as refined. Every new release of OS X has introduced some changes and refinements, and this will no doubt be the case in Leopard. There’s been a lot of use of bezels, head-up display panels and of shiny black emphasis in recent changes to Apple apps, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see this year’s refinements heading in that direction too.

Find out what happened when a very old iBook running OS X 10.3 ran out of hard disk space. (What’s more interesting is the reason why it had run out…)

It is true that older users love Macs? In my experience, yes. My mom (62) is deliriously happy with her recently-purchased MacBook.

Writer is a no-distractions writing tool based on Khoi Vinh’s Blockwriter idea, which I ranted against before. I downloaded it and tried it out, but I still can’t see the point of a writing app that doesn’t allow you to delete, and leaves you with text littered with struck-out characters. After five minutes of typing, all I was left with was a mess.

Meg Pickard is a recent newcomer to OS X, but is having problems with iPhoto. And I can sympathise with her on this one. Picasa is one of the few Windows apps which I think does a better job than the OS X equivalent (iPhoto).

System icons as soft furnishings. This is why Mac owners get the “cultist” label…


2006-12-13 11:09:52
Is it just me, or do the (Block)Writer things look like Dashboard widgets? Eeesh, talk about distractions: a Blockwriter widget would have to compete (on my Dashboard) with a stock ticker, Gmail inbox, and Sudoku. I think my Terminal tricks, mentioned in your last rant, would work better.

Actually, I like Journler as a writing environment, at least for my non-technical writing.

2006-12-13 14:17:29
No, BlockWriter isn't a Dashboard widget. It masks out all your other apps, and your desktop, so I can see why you thought it might be one.

And I agree with you about Journler - it's very nice to write in.

2006-12-13 14:48:04
Those system or dock icon pillows kick ascii!

I got tired of the metal and aqua.. the usual look. So Uno helps me get a nicer look .. now only if all icons were unified with the different guis it would be even better. :)

Jamie McC
2006-12-13 15:11:37
I ran out of space on my Powerbook earlier this year. I'd upgraded it to 2GB RAM. Honestly? It didn't even slow down. It just let me know it was out of disk space and carried on!

Fortunately, I didn't need to use deep sleep in the 40 mins it was full.

I'd filled up the disk by copying some DV from a shared area of the drive to my FileVault section, unintentionally duplicating it. I had to remove a lot of ancillary stuff as well as the two DV files to create enough space for FileVault to re-compress on logout, but once done, everything was working normally again (and I was more careful about what I was copying where, as well as storing DV on FW HDD from then on).