Tuesday links

by Giles Turnbull

The most startling part of Engadget’s iPhone review:

We expected that if you’re an email user, when you plug in your iPhone and iTunes says it’s “syncing your mail accounts,” that means it’s actually comparing and moving messages between the device and Mail.app. Not so. In fact, the iPhone does not interact in any meaningful way with Mail.app, other than to simplify the setup on the iPhone by copying account settings over from the desktop client’s settings.

That’s just … nuts.

CrunchGear claims that new MacBooks coming in October will support iPhone-style multi-touch interaction on their trackpads. Is that a hardware thing, or just a software thing? Might it be a Leopard feature, as opposed to a MacBook feature?

Some nice ideas for cheap laptop stands and lap-protectors, at Ikea Hack.

About this particular outliner makes a welcome return, although this time it’s mainly about WWDC and the culture of innovation and research in computing.

Pierre Igot had a bad experience with his 10.4.10 update:

I had been monitoring the usual Mac news web sites and, apart from a strange audio popping problem on some laptops, I hadn't noticed any significant issues mentioned in the forums. So I went ahead with the update. And that's when Mac OS X decided to punish me.


2007-07-03 14:58:14
I think total Mail.app synchronization between iPhone and my computer would be a bad thing. I imagine that I would probably want to keep the mailbox on my iPhone very "clean" by deleting most messages. I would not want them added back or have them deleted from my home computer's mailbox.
2007-07-11 04:04:37
The i in iPhone stands for IMAP :-)
Craig Sumner
2007-07-20 07:21:07
IMAP-based mail clients should never sync directly with each other. That's the role that the IMAP server plays. Every client stays in sync with the IMAP mail server. In that way, they also stay in sync with each other, without interacting directly.

To have them sync directly would badly break the design of the system, I think.

Craig Sumner
2007-07-20 07:31:04

I just realized that if you're using a POP mail server, letting the clients sync directly would be valuable.