TurboGears, a slap-it-together-web-framework for Python

by Jeremy Jones

Related link: http://www.turbogears.org/

The title of this blog entry isn't intended to berate TurboGears or make it sound like it's created with or intended for shoddy workmanship. The title's intent was to point out the arena TurboGears is competing. It is a megaframework designed to facilitate the quick and easy creation of a web site (or web application). It is not a new web framework in itself, but rather a combination of the following projects:

  • CherryPy web framework

  • SQLObject ORM

  • Kid templating system

  • MochiKit javascript library

  • I haven't downloaded TurboGears yet, but I did watch their really well done "marketing" video that walks through creating a simple wiki in about 20 minutes. I was really impressed by the ease of creating and customizing a web site. I was further impressed by the simplicity of doing so.

    I'm still a little skeptical, however, of what appear to be "me, too" Ruby on Rails projects. I guess maybe it's a knee-jerk reaction against the massive amount of publicity they've received and wondering if they really are as good as they claim to be or if it's just hype from "the analysts" and the masses. The thing that I"m hopeful of with TurboGears, though, is that at least two of the major components, CherryPy and SQLObject, are mature, general purpose projects with lives of their own which will live on indefinitely. Combining such technologies is a recipe for longevity.

    I'm really interested, in fact, excited, to see where this project goes and how it (and Rails) impact the world of web development.

    What's your take on the Railsish technologies popping up? Is it good for the world of web development? Will it scale well for larger projects and development teams (not necessarily under heavy HTTP load)?


    2005-09-18 14:21:36
    Here's another... djangoproject.com
    2005-09-19 06:51:19
    Checking TurboGears out
    I've been hunting for a Web development framework that satisfies my need to "do good software development" while building cool sites. I think TurboGears may actually be a good solution to this.

    For all its quick-time-to-delivery aspects, it looks like a rock-solid tool for building engineered sites.

    I'm really excited about this, especially because my personal Web host doesn't offer Java hosting that I can hope to afford (or ever possibly justify).

    2005-09-20 16:32:07
    One more for luck
    And Subway takes a very similar approach;


    2005-09-21 05:56:59
    The marketing....
    ....it's much easier to see what you can do with web framework if you can see someone using it...like in a cool quicktime video....