TurboGears Book Deal

by Jeremy Jones

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For anyone unaware of what TurboGears is, TurboGears is a Python web development framework which supports and encourages an MVC style of development. It is not so much a new project as it is the compilation of existing projects, namely, CherryPy, SQLObject, Mochikit, and Kid template.

I think this is really great news for TurboGears as well as Python in general. TurboGears is quickly gaining publicity and users because it is really easy to get stuff done. A book deal lends even more credibility to the project as well as a great entry point for new users. I think that showing users how easy it is to get work done with TurboGears implies ease of programming in Python for general computing tasks, so this is good all around. I look forward very much to getting this book on my shelf. Too bad they're getting published by the "wrong" publisher :-)

If you haven't checked out TurboGears and you do any sort of web development, you should really at least give it a glance.