TurboGears in Debian Experimental; Django on its way

by Jeremy Jones

I just stumbled across a posting on the TurboGears mailing list which stated that a TurboGears package had been accepted into Debian Experimental. The author of the previously mentioned post is optimistic that TurboGears will be included in the upcoming Debian Etch release. Congratulations to the TurboGears team and the TurboGears community. This is great news.

This got me thinking about my choice of Python web frameworks, Django. I didn't find Django in any of the Debian repositories. However, I did find it on a list of packages being worked on. Sadly, it doesn't look like there is any recent (for the last couple of months, anyway) activity on moving this forward. Hopefully this will right itself and we'll see TurboGears and Django in the Etch release. And presumably that'll trickle down to Ubuntu.

While this is all fine and dandy and great for the projects from the standpoint of credibility and publicity, I doubt that it will help me much. Both of these projects have been under pretty heavy development over the past number of months. When I have wanted to run either of their code bases, I would typically just grab it from their respective SVN repositories. Even deploying to production (on shared hosting), I rely on a build of Python which I compiled myself and a build of Django which I've been running in testing for a while. I guess maybe inclusion in Debian will be more useful when both of these projects stabilize and APIs solidify. Nevertheless, it is good to see both of these projects even considered for inclusion in Debian.


2006-08-22 14:24:59
There's been some work on Django for Debian: http://www.sommitrealweird.co.uk/blog/tech/200510221425-PythonDjangoPackages.html