TurboGears.org has served up over 100,000 eggs

by Jeremy Jones

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The "eggs" that Kevin Dangoor (the creator of TurboGears) is referring to here is the package file format which TurboGears uses.

I'm not exactly sure what all the numbers are, though. He mentions that TurboGears eggs have been downloaded over 20,000 times and that overall there have been over 100,000 eggs downloaded. I guess he's referring to downloads of other packages which TurboGears has a dependency on and which are hosted at turbogears.org.

Congratulations, Kevin! That is quite an accomplishment. I'd be interested to also see how many SVN checkouts there were. I've been running off of SVN for so long I can't remember the last egg I downloaded. I suspect there are plenty of other folks in that same boat.