TV Quality Reliable Wireless Video Streaming

by William Grosso

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Our next meeting will feature William Jolitz speaking on
TV Quality Reliable Wireless Video Streaming

Here's the abstract:

Everybody wants to watch movies on a computer, but nobody does. It's worse on wireless, and even more hobbled on a cellphone or PDA. So what's a service provider to do? The customer expects TV or the service is toast. Is this possible?

The problem's maintaining continuous service delivery quality. We know this, because downloaded movies play just fine. But download movies have other problems - copyright, storage demand, and unpredictable viewing availability. While there are cures, the cure is often worse - killing
the emerging business. Let's get real - download is really "plan ahead, pay once, use forever". Streaming is "pay per view" - what the service provider wants. It would be so much easier if reliable streaming worked
over wireless.

Today we either rollout unreliable wireless services or demo reliable services in a fantasy sandbox - the real world is a hard test. When you still can't get good cellphone coverage on the financial mecca of Sand
Hill road, can you expect to pull out a PDA at Starbucks and get Shrek even half as good as a cheap TV can? Yet large scale wireless deployment is happening worldwide - the business opportunity of delivering on the services that get a ROI on this immense gamble is extreme.

We can make reliable streaming over wire connections right now using bandwidth surplus, fast failover switching, and careful network design. But it still takes remarkably little to destabilize a single stream, let alone thousands in competition for transport resource. In studying the stable stream we've found a novel hardware/software approach
for wireless video.

The network hardware is InterProphet's Silicon TCP stack used as distributed transport that can achieve ontime delivery of video. A software framework that provides for reliability and embedded monitoring is a critical part of the deployment story in managing the infrastructure. With it, customer quality is maintained while challenges to the service are acted upon before a loss of quality can occur. Such a framework is repurposed from delivering reliable web services, as described in Jolitz's article on "Web Services in Datacenter Environments" in the April edition of Dr. Dobbs Journal.

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2004-08-10 18:29:59
Wireless TV Quality Video
The company I am Co-Owner of is called UnWyre'D. We are currently a start-up company that has dedicated our whole business model to delivering HDTV quality streaming video/audio, true high speed internet(5MB/sec up & down-stream), and VOIP services all over one wireless signal. We have accomplished it and are preparing to install our first commercial as well as resindential customers. The reason I am posting this is because of your upcoming discussion on wireless TV quality video. Like I said we are doing it and it works fantastically and is extremely stable and reliable. If anyone would like to know more feel free to contact me at any time via email.As a side note,several aspects of how we made it work are in the patent process. Would love to hear from anyone to discuss what and how we are doing it. It is quite revolutionary!
2004-09-22 02:22:58
Wireless TV Quality Video

I am interested, if you do not mind, to learn more about the set up required to simulate wireless TV at home. Make it at high level so we can keep your patent confidentialiy.

Many thanks.