Two Days Off? What Are You Going to Work On?

by Steve Mallett

Do you have the next two days to yourself? Aside from scarfing down some turkey & fixin's what are you going to work on? I have a feeling that some of us have some mad hacking in mind.

I'll start: While the U.S. is taking the holiday I'm still hacking up O'Reilly Developer News, and News. So, my project for the next two days is to add to my sources of interesting tech news sites outside of the US since US sites are barren wastelands today and, I suspect, will be tomorrow. Frankly, I have very few aside from The Register and BBC News' tech section so please email me your favorites. Oh, I also happen to have a fresh copy of Spidering Hacks here that I hope to bend the spine of today.

Care to share your hacking plans?

Aside from hacking up a turkey and a brewski I plan to.....


2003-11-27 11:12:02
Maybe I'm getting old...
...but my hacking plans involve only a little bug fixing on my game driver software.

My other plans however involve playing Neverwinter Nights for far too many hours, writing an installment for a joint story, tackling another book from the pile next to my bed, and since it's gorgeous outside, a hike and a trip to the shooting range will be inavoidable as well.

Sheesh, seems that I got a life after all :-)

2003-11-27 15:09:41
The World!
We are planning to take over the World!

2003-11-27 19:02:37
Maybe not "mad hacking"
But I do have a couple of graduate network coding projects I have to get done.
2003-11-28 21:41:59
Perl stuff
I've got some bugs in WWW::Mechanize to work out (hope ya like Spidering Hacks) and working on an overview of the testing modules available on the CPAN.
2003-11-29 19:07:11
Having fun exploring the open source tools
Just attended the Philadelphia JUG meeting, and learned about tons of open source tools for J2EE development. The speakers, the Mulders, really did their homework and did an excellent job