Two Funerals and a Prayer -- Tech Goodbyes for 2001

by Derrick Story

I won't ask the question, "How could so much change so quickly in the technology world?" because I already know the answer: "That's the way it is." Instead, I thought I'd take a minute to say goodbye to two of my favorite tech-related joys that no longer exist -- and cross my fingers for the third.

Many start-ups closed down in 2001, but I hated to see Eazel cease operations in May. Their goal of bringing a truly beautiful, innovative desktop environment to Linux (called Nautilus) was important from my perspective. I wanted to see Linux thrive on laptops and desktops everywhere, and I liked the look and feel of the environment Eazel created. They had a terrific team who embraced open source ideals, and I miss their work. If you're looking for some good talent to hire, you might want to check out the Eazel Alumni page.

There are lots of web sites that I miss, but the one vanishing that brought tears to my eyes was when closed its doors. This site was an endless source of entertainment for me as I watched countless QuickTime videos of ads, spoofs, and countless other two-minute delights. AdCritic is offline until further notice, and there's nothing else like them on the Net.

Finally, the lizard isn't dead, but he sure was quiet in 2001. The Mozilla project team has continued to publish new builds and refine its set of inter-related technologies, but they still haven't managed to publish version one (we're currently at build 0.9.7). According to the Mozilla 1.0 Manifesto, we might see version one sometime in the spring of 2002.

In the meantime, the progress of .NET, Mac OS X, Liberty, and other emerging platforms and services threatens to leave Mozilla behind.

I've already said goodbye to too many innovative, intelligent tech friends in 2001, and I don't feel like losing another. So I'm still pulling for the big lizard.

What tech-related sites and businesses do you miss?