Two Hours with iPhone

by Tom Bridge

jesusphone.png I suspect over the next several days, there will be a slew of iPhone reviews from the masses, and that this one will disappear into the tide of the web over the next few days, but I have to say: So far, the iPhone has both met and surpassed my expectations.

I arrived at the Clarendon Apple Store around 2pm today to begin my wait, and I was surprised to see that there were only 60 or so folks who'd shown up before me. The first arrived last night around 9pm, and seemed to spent a night in the rain, somewhat worse for the wear. The rest of the crowd was animated, showing off MacBooks and MacBooks Pro, as well as taking video, shooting stills, all manner of other fairly-Mac-like things to do. iPods were out, playing their swan songs before the debut of their successors, and the same was true for various phones.

As the wait came to a close and the store flooded with eager buyers, I wondered, what must supply be like? We crowded into the storefront in Arlington, snaking through the lines of software, glimpsing the counter at the genius bar, and the piles of boxes behind. Two in hand, I left the store, crowding past the obnoxious camera crews and packs of roaming reporters. I dropped the second off in the hands of its intended recipient and headed for my favorite coffeeshop (complete with open Wireless) for the unveiling of the phone.


2007-06-29 21:13:32
do you think there will be some chairs flying in someone's office this week
2007-06-30 04:41:27
Our activation (mine and my wife's) process was as smooth as yours. Less than five minutes from box to finish, and we even transferred our numbers from T-Mobile!

The device itself exceeds the hype. Totally awe inspiring. Gorgeous screen, interface as smooth as butter, and the intelligent keyboard actually works!

2007-07-01 05:47:22
Anyone tried pairing one with a Bluetooth keyboard - Google search returned nothing so far