Two Thumbs Up for Thunderbird

by Ethan Cerami

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Perhaps I have been stuck in the dark ages, but I have used the Pine email client for close to ten years now, and have never been able to find a good replacement. Recently, however I decided to try out Thunderbird 1.0, and I give it two hearty thumbs up. Seven features that I find particularly helpful:

  • Very easy installation.
  • Excellent IMAP support.
  • Intuitive User Interface and Downloadable Themes.
  • Full set of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Works well at work (Mac OS X) and at home (Windows).
  • Readable documentation and very helpful FAQ.
  • Excellent RSS integration.

On the last point, it's great to have all my emails and RSS feeds in one central spot. And, it really makes sense to manage RSS articles just like regular email messages.

Kudos to all the Thunderbird developers for making such a great app.


2004-12-27 12:11:41
Thunderbird is good, Pine is still good too.
I agree with your positive view towards Thunderbird. I use it at work, and it's much better than the alternatives (OE, Outlook, Webmail). I still use Pine at home, though. The reason is simple: you can't run Thunderbird in screen. This, for me, is the killer app.

Being able to detach and reattach at a later time or location is just too convenient. IMAP and Webmail may make this less killer than it would otherwise be, but it's still much nicer to simply use the same instance of the same client from everywhere.

So, I don't want to disagree with your assessment of Thunderbird. It is a very nice client, and I use it on a daily basis. But I also still use Pine, and I don't see myself switching away any time soon.