Two widgets I like

by Giles Turnbull

I’ve said it many times before: for the most part, I just don’t see the point of Dashboard widgets. Ever since the introduction of Tiger, there have perhaps been three or four that I’ve shown any interest in; none of those has been used for long. My view has always been that everything I might need from a widget can be done just as easily with an extra browser tab.

But I just found a couple of widgets that break out of the browser with style. Both found at, they are the BBC Listen Again widget and the ZX Spectrum widget.


2007-02-28 07:01:40
I don't know. I have heard dissatisfaction with the Dashboard echoed from almost the entire development community, but it continues to be a daily part of my computing experience, with the weather widget leading the pack. I walk, ride a bike, or bus to school and work, so knowing the outside temp is important. I also get a fair amount of use out of the stop watch, Calculon, CharacterPal, and Capture. While I can access anythign that is on my Dashboard anywhere else, I find having instant access too them convenient, and time saving.
2007-02-28 12:28:27
Hi Giles

I keep this link bookmarked directly within RealPlayer's favourites - it's a link to their main index of everything that's available via the Radio Player. You can browse it in various different ways and then play it directly within RealPlayer - rather than keeping a web page open (or trying to).

2007-02-28 14:14:31
wow.... Dashboard is so essential to my daily computing tasks. I refer to the unit-converter widget constantly. I also use the calculator widget, DoBeDo and weather widgets. My favorite, of course, is the HulaGirl widget.
Dashboard is a great place for ready-access reference that can come and go with a press of a button. Dashboard is a great scratchpad as well -- I keep constantly used phone numbers on-hand (replacing the venerable tape-to-the-wall phone list).
The key for me, as a user, is that Dashboard feels like it lives outside the "application" and "finder" space....much like notes written in the margins of a document. I store and access a different class of information inside dashboard (and unlike web-tabs I don't require an internet connection for unit conversion and calculator usage).
John Handelaar
2007-02-28 16:01:53
Chuckie Egg and Elite belong on a BBC emulator, infidel.


2007-02-28 16:30:33
I use the calculator widget, and I generally keep the unit converter for dollars to sterling (handy for online shopping).

I've also used the Amazon art widget when I'm lacking album art in iTunes: that seems like a nice lightweight one to just run from the Dashboard.

But yeah, I don't find anything else much use. I get weather in an RSS feed. I guess the widget might be easier to grok at a glance. In fact, I might try that now.

2007-02-28 18:17:42
Must-have widgets for me: Systran's Translator, WorldClock, Flight Tracker, Weather and Ambrosia's Easy Envelopes... I read a lot of online complaining about widget uselessness, but everybody I know has at least 2 widgets they use all the time.