Ubuntu Edgy Install Frustrations

by Jeremy Jones

Frustration 1: When attempting to `apt-get dist-upgrade`, one package (mzscheme) refused to uninstall properly. The /var/lib/dpkg/info/mzscheme.prerm failed to stop the little scheme webserver (I guess it's a documentation server or what-not), so I had to delete that prerm script and it uninstalled fine.

Frustration 2: xorg didn't like "ati" as my video driver. X failed to start and upon examining the X logs, it seemed to not like that particular driver. When I changed "ati" to "fglrx" in my xorg.conf, X started right up.

Frustration 3: When attempting to install from the desktop CD, I couldn't get past trying to partition my drive. Here is the hard drive layout I wanted to go with:


Here is how I wanted to lay out the partitions:


And you can see the "No root file system" error I was getting. This is the same laptop that I'm using right now. I have Windows XP installed to sda1, / on Ubuntu to sda2, swap to sda3, and /home to sda4. And I wanted to format sda2 and sda3. Why is this not working? I guess I'll try to use the alternate install CD tomorrow. I'm sure someone will point out something I'm doing that's just plain stupid, but I'm not seeing it at the moment.

Frustration 4: I attempted to install to my son's laptop (an antiquated Compaq Presario 1200) this evening and it seemed like it would go well. Until it installed to 64% and just sat there. Twice. I guess I'll be trying the alternate install CD on that laptop as well.

I'll update more later.


2006-10-27 05:19:34
I had problems with the desktop install disc as well. The partitioner (gparted) couldn't find one of my harddrives. The alternative install disc worked flawless.
2006-10-27 06:05:03
That "No root file system" must be a bug. Workarround: go back one step, delete root partition, create root partition, go to next step.
Rick Copeland
2006-10-27 08:38:35
I was considering upgrading to edgy and saw your post.... Anyway, I also found this in the Edgy install notes, maybe it can help with your "No root file system" problem.

  • The advanced partitioning mode of the installer on the desktop CD has trouble reusing an existing root file system, and will incorrectly claim "No root file system". Since you must reformat the root file system for use by the installer in any case, you can easily work around this problem by deleting and re-creating the partition in question in the advanced partitioner. [WWW] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67130
Jeremy Jones
2006-10-28 03:23:27
Rick, tm, and Thom,

Installing from the alternate CD cured all my woes. Sounds like deleting the root partition would have been fine for me. I need(ed) to preserve sda1 and sda4 which are my windows partition and my /home partition respectively. For some reason, I've really just had poor success with the Desktop CD. I was ecstatic when RedHat's installer became GUI-based somewhere around 6.0, so it's not that I dislike GUI installers. But I really just prefer Ubuntu's non-GUI installer to Ubuntu's GUI installer.

2006-10-29 03:35:37
Same problem :(
2006-10-29 14:15:35
"No root file system" - same with me. The installer kept on refusing to use my old / (hda7, reiserfs) as root, but it didn't mind installing the root partition on my previous /home (hda8, ext3) though ...

Another problem : my PCMCIA LAN card could not be autodetected, although Dapper Drake had no problem finding it ...
2006-11-04 18:07:07
Theres a problem with the intstaller
This post in the ubuntu forums worked for me:
2006-11-04 18:10:18
Theres a problem with the intstaller
This post in the ubuntu forums worked for me:
Kartik Thakore
2006-11-11 00:40:36
For the fglrx problems I have a script that installs all the new drivers of ati and also applies now hacks to make them work.

Go here fglrxinstaller0.02

2006-11-28 15:59:09
I can't install this verzion of ubuntu in my pc,i have the same problems,what is the up fotos,
What i gona do?
2006-12-03 13:02:57
Use the text mode installer, this should help.
2007-01-21 08:11:54
Comment from tm worked for me. Delete the partition. create the root partition before going to next step. Thanks tm
2007-03-17 09:34:17
I have the same third frustration. I have Windows Xp, and another linux distribution and I can't substitute the other Linux distribution for Ubuntu because the frustration 3. I don't see any root partition in my system today. I also have /dev/sda1 /dev/sda2 /dev/sd3 /dev/sd4. I'm sorry to don't have the solution.
2007-04-15 12:33:31
Hitting the same problems, "No root file system" - should have known better than to try a GUI installer! Yes, I tried deleting the root partition and recreating it, did not help at all. My first experience with Ubuntu, I will now go back to a "real" Linux distro.
2007-06-26 14:03:26
Hellobhu - this is just a testing, dont worry about it