ubuntu-women.org launched

by Lyz Bevilacqua

In the growing tradition of -women groups, Ubuntu-Women now joins the ranks with the annoucement of the launch of their official website this week.

Officially founded by Vid Ayer, the group has similar aims to other F/OSS -women projects, with perhaps a greater weight put on getting more women using linux (specifically Ubuntu) and feeling more comfortable in the F/OSS world in general.

The Ubuntu-Women mailing list was started in February 2006, and a related Ubuntu-Women Forum and IRC channel (#ubuntu-women on irc.freenode.net) have been around since mid 2005.


Carla Schroder
2006-04-29 12:09:21
Good, thanks for posting this. The more points of entry into the FOSS world the better!
2006-04-29 14:40:25
Are other -women groups helping to launch new ones? It seems like the opportunity for mentoring and advice might be useful on a meta-level as well.
Lyz Krumbach
2006-04-30 08:05:26
chromatic: The other -women groups don't actually help launch new ones, but many of the same people contribute to the different -women groups, and many are involved in LinuxChix.

I think it would be nice to have a giant group called FOSS-women or something, working to get more women comfortable in the FOSS world, getting into things like IRC and mailing lists with less fear of damaging her entire gender if she makes an error. LinuxChix is the closest thing to that currently, but the trouble is getting the word out about it. When you're new to the open source thing and getting into Ubuntu, for instance, you might stumble upon Ubuntu-Women, but you're much less likely to stumble upon the FOSS-women group.

That said, since Ubuntu is very popular with people new to Linux I think it's a great project to use as a vehicle to getting new people involved with FOSS - at least the best we can do right now.

Vid Ayer
2006-05-13 04:16:56
Thanks Lyz, I was checking U-W's search optimisation for Google when I came across your post. Yes, LC does have a larger role to play (yeah I am biased as I volunteer there too ;-)). BTW, If I may say so, the founder tag makes me uncomfortable, since its a community effort and without the support of all the folks (too many to name here), U-W would be just a dream.