Ubermind Releases ApertureToFilemaker

by Micah Walter

From Aperture Plugged In:

Software development company Übermind has just announced a new Aperture plugin that allows the export of images to a FileMaker database.

ApertureToFilemaker 1.0 boasts the following features.

  • Support for multiple FileMaker databases

  • Automatically creates schema and table structure

  • Inserts photo and 120+ pieces of metadata

  • Keychain support

For more information visit Übermind's website here.

From Übermind's Press Release:

Seattle, Washington--May 7, 2007--Übermind, Inc., the market leader for
Aperture plug-in development, is pleased to announce the immediate
availability of the ApertureToFileMaker export plug-in. The
ApertureToFileMaker plug-in provides a simple, intuitive mechanism to
export images and their associated metadata from Aperture to FileMaker

Übermind Inc., the creators of the popular ApertureToFTP Pro and
ApertureToGallery plug-ins have developed a plug-in that bridges the gap
between Aperture and FileMaker providing users with new and exciting ways
to leverage their digital photography library. The ApertureToFileMaker
plug-in provides support for multiple FileMaker databases, automatically
creates schema and table structure, and inserts over 120 pieces of

For users looking to harness the power of FileMaker with their Aperture
photography library, the wait is over.

Price: Freeware

Plug-in Details:
Version: 1.0
Post Date: 05/07/2007
File Size: 3.7 MB

System Requirements:
Aperture 1.5
FileMaker Pro 8.5
Mac OS 10.4


2007-05-08 00:31:23
i wonder if there probably will be an aperture to coppermine gallery plugin from ubermind?