Ugly No More

by Oliver Breidenbach

I just noticed that updating the firmware of my MacBook has become a pleasant experience and is no longer the ugly, awkward procedure of the past. Since I am not sure when it happened, is this another positive change the Intel-Switch has brought about?

I once blogged about (but can't find the URL now) how updating the firmware of a Mac used to be the un-Mac-likest thing a Mac user could experience. Now, it is another testimonial to the Mac way of life: download the firmware update, restart Mac (do not pull plug while it restarts...) - done! There is no step three!


Adrian Sutton
2006-08-22 14:20:16
This isn't an Intel change - upgrading the firmware was much improved with the release of the original OS X.
2006-08-23 01:04:09
It is the intel switch. On my G5 I had to press the start-button on the front until a whistling sound comes up - and then I saw an OS 9 like progress-bar.
With EFI, which in new in intel macs, it's more easy and better looking.
Oliver Breidenbach
2006-08-23 01:24:44
I distinctly remember that I upgraded the Firmware of an iMac G5 running Mac OS X Tiger and it was basically the same as those firmware upgrades back in Mac OS 9 on the original iMac. Except that there was no "Programmer Button" to be pressed.

Recently, on one of my Xserve G5s, Software Update downloaded a Firmware upgrade as well and I am not sure if it was installed or not because it did not request any interaction, pressing buttons or such.