Understanding the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR): Part 1: The One True Object

by M. David Peterson

I've learned a lot of things from a lot of people in my life. The following lesson/acquired knowledge came, more than likely unbeknown to him (it was a very casual conversation, so there is no reason he would have thought of it as anything other than a casual conversation), from Mike Champion,

The reason why I am a *HUGE* fan of shared source, non-commercial licensed software is,

- In many cases, the source comes from established software applications with proven commercial success.
- In cases such as this exists a *FANTASTIC* opportunity to learn and understand how something with significant commercial success was created.
- With this knowledge we are better enabled to build better product as a result.

To understand the hacker means to understand that the hacker learns through a hands on approach. I know very few hackers that learned how to hack and hack well inside the confines of a university.

On the other hand, I know *TONS* of hackers who, while they may never again utilize the source of a project they were once a part of, or have in many cases simply learned through reading the source of a project they were never a part of, they are enabled to write better software because of the knowledge they gained as a result.

OSS projects will come and go, but knowledge is King, and will stay with you as long as you continue to maintain and refresh this knowledge.

A month or so back I wrote an entry regarding a comment made by Oleg Tkachenko,