Understanding XForms: Customization

by Kurt Cagle

I've been fighting a severe day of laziness today (or perhaps exhaustion - its been a fairly trying week all told), and after having started and stopped any number of projects today, I've finally decided to get back to the XForms series and concentrate on the next topic in my list - customization. However, before I begin, I wanted to make an announcement or two.

The first is one of those glass half empty type of things. I've been working for a while on a Firefox book, but between fairly trying times with a previous employer and a seemingly endless shifting focus on the part of Firefox, I'd really reached the point where progress was crawling there. I think, however, that there's been another reason for my lack of progress as well - books are a great deal like bananas. If you hit the market too soon, they are green and hard and generally not terribly appetizing. Hit the sweet spot, and bananas are both very good (especially in a bowl of cereal) and yet have a reasonably firm consistency. Wait too long, or if the conditions are not quite right, and you end up with soft, brown, fairly disgusting messes.


Sjoerd Visscher
2006-07-05 01:05:28
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Angela Sisic
2007-05-07 02:56:44
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2008-01-26 17:38:49
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2008-03-28 09:37:03
Interesting stuff, good instructions too. Thanks for this :D
Peter Rohleder
2008-05-29 04:49:01
Thanx - after reading different docus concerning XForms, this was the first place where I found an explanation on how to influence the style of xform-controls subparts(!).