Understanding XML:Making Models and Watching for Swans

by Kurt Cagle

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There's a problem with living life on the bleeding edge. For all of the exhilaration of being one of the first to play with a new technology (or in some cases even to create that new technology), it's also very lonely there - by definition, most people will be encountering the same technology about the time that you've come to think of that technology as old hat or even (gods forfend) passe. This means that sometimes its easy to lose sight of what happens when these tools and techniques hit the real world of the workaday developer.

XML is a case in point. It's ten-year old technology and has become the data lifeblood of the Internet (along with its younger sibling JSON). Every so often someone up on the xml-dev mailing list will pop up and say "Is XML Dead?" - to which the rest of the old guard will pipe up in defense of XML or agree that, yes, XML's existential crisis is upon it, and it will soon be pushing up the daisies, if it's not there already. As one colleague of mine put it - XML's just not interesting anymore.

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2008-04-09 11:49:02
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