Unlocking Your Nokia Phone

by Schuyler Erle

A couple weeks ago, Tim O'Reilly forwarded a posting about mobile phone interoperability in Europe from the Interesting People mailing list to ORA's editorial discussion list. It seems that travelling abroad with a tri-band GSM phone isn't enough, according to UCSD professor Sid Karin:

... I can't resist relating my own experience with Vodaphone last month in Europe. I bought a Vodaphone pay as you go phone in London and ran out of minutes in Switzerland. As it turns out
there doesn't appear to be anyplace in Switzerland that you can
go to to to top off a Vodaphone phone. I went to an Orange store
to see if they could help. They tried, but no luck. It seems that
Vodaphone modifies the Nokia phones that they sell so that
competitor's SIM cards won't work. So much for interoperability
and standards.

Well, this was a familiar story. I recently visited the UK, thinking I would obtain a local network SIM for my Nokia 3650 - which *is* a tri-band phone,
after all - so that I could make calls in country without paying AT&T's
exorbitant international roaming *and* long distance fees while there.

Needless to say, the phone immediately rejected the European SIM. Then
I proceeded to visit a sequence of cell phone service/repair shops in
London, each of which assured me that they could programmatically unlock
my phone, before returning within ten or twenty minutes to confess that
they could not om fact do it. Most independent mobile service locations in the
UK have, apparently, a Windows
application, that allows them to somehow modify the firmware on phones like mine
-- but they need some kind of access code to do it, and the repair shops
in the UK just didn't have the necessary code. "Which provider do you
use in the US?" I was asked by one. "AT&T? That's not on my list."

So much for getting a local SIM abroad. Rumor had it that AT&T would unlock my phone over the air for a fee, so, after I got back to the States, I called their customer service to inquire about it. "Oh no, that phone can't be unlocked, it's been locked by the manufacturer," I was told. Uh huh, right. A call to a local retail location yielded the response, "Yes, the phone can be unlocked, but we aren't trained to do it, and we don't recommend it. You might damage your phone."

Well, I've never been one to let a little warning like that stop me. After all, I paid for the phone, and I want it s full capability. Granted, AT&T gave me a hefty rebate on the phone, but as far as I can tell I'm under no obligation to keep the phone that I already paid for in any particularly half-crippled state.

Enter O'Reilly editor Brian Jepson, who remarked in response to Tim's forward that:

If you want to do it yourself, recent Nokia phones are pretty easy to
unlock (download some freeware to generate a code); Sony Ericsson phones need a special cable (usually best to send it
out to someone to have it done). IANAL, but from what I've read, it's not
illegal to unlock, but it is sort of cheating. If you want to avoid the
problem, just buy an unlocked phone (but you'll pay a lot more).

Unable to resist a challenge (and not wanting to repeat this month's phone bill the next time I go abroad), I called AT&T again to inquire of their customer service department - hypothetically, of course - if there was anything in my service contract that would leave me liable for termination of service or legal action if I did unlock my phone. I was told, first, that nothing in my service contract with them prevents me from unlocking my phone; second, that AT&T has no way of knowing if I have unlocked my phone; and, third, that unlocking my vendor-locked phone was illegal. When I pressed for details on the illegality of SIM unlocking, I was told they couldn't provide me with any further information on that subject. And, of course, I've never been misled by an AT&T representative, heavens no.

So I decided to go ahead. This information is provided for educational purposes
only, and you should understand that acting on this
information may irreparably damage your SIM and/or
your phone. As far as legalities go, check the contract
from your service provider, as some contracts may
prohibit this activity. O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
disclaims any liability for any consequences of using
this information.

I started by googling for nokia unlock software, and, lo, and behold, I found unlockme.co.uk, which has a substantial section on unlocking Nokia phones, including freeware downloads and a walk-through tutorial. I couldn't get the Win32 unlock code calculator from unlockme.co.uk to run under wine on Linux, but at Brian's recommendation, I also visited unlocksmith.com, which offers a self-extracting, freeware Nokia DCT4 unlocking suite. (Don't ask me what the difference between DCT3 and DCT4 is - the aforementioned sites will tell you which one applies to your phone.) When I installed this package in wine, I found a command-line tool called DCT4NCK.EXE that wine executed with no trouble at all:

DCT4NCK by jozso v0.0a
Usage: dct4nck locktype imei provider [boxserial]

The locktype, according to unlockme.co.uk, is usually 2, unless you're on a 3650 or 7650, in which case it's 5. The IMEI is the hardware serial number of your phone, which you can read off the inside label underneath the battery, or retrieve from the phone itself by dialing *#06#. Finally, you'll need the provider code, which is a 5-digit number you can pull from this network provider code list. Unlock code calculators give you seven different codes, at least one of which should unlock the phone when entered with the SIM removed, but you only get five tries, before the phone locks you out. So, you really want to double-check your work before entering would-be unlock codes into the phone.

Undaunted, I ran DCT4NCK using the appropriate locktype, IMEI, and provider code for my phone, and got back seven 22-digit codes. Following the recommendation of the unlockme.co.uk tutorial, I took the SIM out of my phone, turned it on, and entered the seventh and final code listed, hitting '*' consecutive times to get the 'p' and the 'w', but I omitted one of the digits, and got an error message from the phone. So I tried again, careful to enter the whole code, with the same result. Then I noticed that, a little further down, the network provider list shows special provider IDs for Nokia 3650s with particular IMEIs -- which included mine! I generated a new set of unlock codes, and punched the last one into the phone. Same error.

Well, now I was starting to sweat a little. I'd gotten three consecutive errors, and I only had two tries left. So I went over the tutorial one more time, and found the following footnote: "For 3650 AT&T USA, always use code 1 out of the 7 generated!" Crossing my fingers, I tried the first code of the seven I'd generated instead, and voila -- Success! A message popped up on the phone indicating that it had been unlocked. I put the SIM back in the phone, powered it up, and I was back in business, with no apparently harmful side effects.

So don't believe the hype if your network provider tells you that your Nokia phone can't be unlocked, or if a service location tells you that you need to pay someone for the privilege. Although your mileage may vary and you naturally do so at your own risk, with a little time and a little patience, you too can unlock your own GSM phone, and use it with a SIM from the service provider of your choosing. Power to the people!

NOTE (2005/04/30): Please don't email me or post your IMEI here. I'm not an expert on this subject, and all the information I can offer on the subject has been given in this weblog entry. You also might try this site as well. My humblest apologies for any inconvenience.

Have you had any experiences with SIM-locked mobile phones? Is the ability to manually unlock a phone an abuse of the network provider or a consumer's right?


2003-11-14 03:09:26
Unlock codes
This is common in the UK. BUT, the phone os provided at a deep discount, so the networks need to protect their revenue. Orange for example will unlock the phone, but it costs £35!
2003-11-14 10:39:28
It works!
I just did this with my Nokia 3650 here in the US, with T-Mobile. Works like a charm. At least, the phone said it did. Will test with a non-T-Mobile SIM card later this weekend...
2003-11-17 11:45:31
Unlocking Your Nokia Phone
I just unlocked my at&t wireless nokia 3650 following your instructions. I did not even have to download the code generator. The code could be obtained from this site:


All I did was to key in the first code after taking off the sim card and voila' I got the message "restriction removed" . Thanks a million as this will save me tons of money on my next trip abroad.

2003-11-18 00:35:19
Handspring Treo 270 is SIM-free
I have a Handspring Treo 270 and can use any mobile operator's SIM card. Pop one in, pop the other out. By contrast, my husband's T-Mobile prepaid subscription came with a SIM-locked Sony CMD J7/J70. When he switched from T-Mobile to KPN Mobile (Netherlands), he could not use it anymore. I had an extra Treo in the house so we popped in his new KPN Mobile SIM card and voila! It worked. I assume the new Treo 600 is also SIM-free. If that's the case, then just get it.
2003-11-19 03:10:55
Handspring Treo 270 is SIM-free
Under Dutch law network providers have to unlock the phone after a specified maximum period.
Maybe T-Mobile doesn't obey the law here or your husband tried to switch before the interval was over.

Your Treo is indeed simlock free it seems, which is common with phones purchased with more expensive subscriptions or purchased separate.
Simlocks are usually only placed on prepaid phones and the cheap subscriptions (like KPN Hi).
Simlocks can be placed by the network on just about any model phone, so the fact that your Treo doesn't have one does not mean no Treos are locked.

I have an unlocked 3650, purchased separate to use with an existing KPN subscription.

Before cracking the code on your phone, be careful to check your contract!
Many contracts will state that removing the simlock is a violation of the contract.
After the contract expires (1-2 years usually for this clause) that limitation is gone (and the network provider should remotely unlock the phone via a network message).

2003-11-19 12:55:49
Unloked Nokia 6800
I have a Nokia 6800 from AT&T. I inveseted $150 on this phone only to find out that it could be only used with AT&T in USA and not in Europe or Asia as its locked. I obtained "Code Calculator by CyberGSM v2.0" from www.unlocksmith.com and followed the instructions (Click on the help/info toolbar option to get detailed instructions as you only have 5 tires). On my very first attempt with the very first code of the 7 listed, the phone got unlocked (I hope it did, as it displayed 'phone restriction off' on entering the code). I reinserted the sim and the phone works normal with the current AT&T service. I have to check if it works with a different SIM when I vist AISA next time. (Hope it does). Thanks for this wonderful information. It would save lots for everyone.


2003-12-02 12:50:26
T-Mobile will unlock your phone, supposedly.
I was told by a T-Mobile rep in a US store that if I bought a SE phone I could have it unlocked for free, over the air, by TM customer service, after I had kept the phone for a month. I didn't buy the phone so I can't verify this.
2003-12-04 04:11:51
not a new in Europe
In Europe we have been doing it almost since mobile phones appeared.
I remember I unlocked mine like 5 years ago.

I don´t know why but mobile phones are used a lot more in Europe than in US ? Could someone explain me why ?

2003-12-08 07:29:53
re: not a new in Europe
This is because unlocking only applies to GSM phones. Only recently has GSM become more wide-spread in North America. Other digital phones are generally only compatible with the original network they were purchased for.
2003-12-08 07:30:49
T-Mobile will unlock your phone, supposedly.
This is true, but you must be a customer for 90 days before unlocking and you must have an account balance less than $100.
2003-12-11 17:15:29
T-Mobile will unlock your phone, supposedly.
Yes. T-mobile will unlock your phone for free. I had 2 phones unlocked from them - a pocket pc phone and a nokia 8290. I told them I was an existing subscriber and all they did was ask for the IMEI # of the phone. They e-mailed me back in less than 2 days and gave me the instructions for unlocking the phones. It took me sometime though (3x) to find someone in customer service who knew how the procedure. When calling customer service just ask for someone in the Sim Unlock Dept or tech support.
2003-12-17 17:50:55
Unlocking Your Nokia Phone
I tried generating codes for my nokia 3650 using the code generator and the using the site www.gsmhelp.info/unlock.htm. They are generating different codes.
Code generator says that I should select Type 5

Whereas gsmhelp site generates code for Type 2.
Can someone clarify this?

2003-12-20 17:34:58
nokia 3650 unlocking
thank you so much for your guide - it worked first time. extremely handy for those of us trying to legitimately buy/sell second-hand phones!
2003-12-28 16:09:00
3315 - Problem Child!
I found a 3315 back in July and it was working fine (no, I didn't use the SIM in it, I disposed of that one ASAP)until calls started to receive a "this service is no longer available from this phone" message. No Call Locking message appears on the screen but it is obvious that it has been locked. I have obtained my Unlock codes from nokiafx.net but after trying 7 and then 1 I am not getting anywhere. My provider is OPTUS in Australia. Does anyone know why I am not getting a locked message on my phone and why I am not being able to unlock it? Help!
2003-12-30 10:10:58
3315 - Problem Child!
It's a stolen phone, someone locked the IMEI number or phone ide number.It has been put in to an national database. you cant you the phone in Australia anymore.
2004-01-04 01:55:33
3315 - Problem Child!
The SIM card I found with the phone didn't allow me to unlock the phone to obtain any of the stored numbers (to somehow contact the owners and let them know I had found it). When I called OPTUS they didn't even want to know about me finding the phone and they told me to look through the Lost and Found in my local paper just in case someone was looking for their phone! Now I am feeling like the local crim for picking the silly thing up off the ground! Can I trace the owners and return it somehow?
2004-01-05 21:53:32
unlocked 6590i
I unlocked my Nokia 6590i on the very first attempt, thanks a lot!
2004-01-06 21:56:43
Once unlocked, then what (using in Europe)?
Hi there,

I'll follow the unlock procedures for my Nokia 6200 (currently with AT&T USA), but I'm going to be travelling throughout Europe for 4 months. What do I do with the phone in order to be able to use it there?

Do I show up to a provider's shop (Orange?) with the phone and ask for a plan? Is it pay-as-you go? Can I do this before I leave the US?

The majority of my travel time will be spent in France/Italy/Germany, but I'll be in many others. Any suggestions?


2004-01-12 13:48:02
Nokia Unlock info.
This is amazing - THANKS

After trying leads and other free software, downloading the software from unlockme worked( Have tested with a mm02 simm card and all worked okay)....

Hopefully the country lock has also been removed :).

Once again - THANKS


2004-01-13 21:41:04
format phone and unlocking my 3650
Can anybody help me? I have all this junk on my phone and I just want to format it. I have the code,but after I type the code it ask for lock code. Please help.. Also I would like to unlock my 3650 phone, the carrier is cingular. Please email me how at jay_guangga@charter.net
Thank You...
2004-01-17 21:12:36
T-Mobile will unlock your phone, supposedly.
can you share the codes please? i'll try it with HTC t-mobile pocket pc phone if it works. thanks
2004-01-18 17:43:13
Nokia 3650 T-mobile
I have a nokia 3650 from T-mobile. I have the seven codes for the phone and I have used 4 attempts already. I only have 1 more, is there a rule of thumb t-mobile uses with the pass codes (e.g. I saw att always used the first). I need my next attempt to work!


2004-01-27 06:56:56
Costs More In The End
All I can say is that it will cost more in the end if you use these free software unlocking tools. I have a Nokia 6600 on the Orange UK mobile network and wanted to use my O2 UK pre-pay sim card on weekends. I downloaded one of the free unlockers from http://www.unlockme.co.uk and took a lot of time to read over the tutorials and instructions etc. To cut a long story short, nothing worked and my phone ended up displaying the message NOT ALLOWED. I was later told by the very nice people at http://www.unlocks.co.uk that the message NOT ALLOWED meant that the phone could now not be unlocked with codes because my 5 tries were spent, and that I would need to have the phone unlocked by cable. The cable unlock cost me £15.00 at a local phone shop. If I would have gone to http://www.unlocks.co.uk in the first place, it would have cost me only £4.50 as it did when I went to them to get my girlfriends 6600 unlocked. The moral of this story? Free isn't always the best option!
2004-01-27 19:50:30
Nokia 6800
Hey Thanks for the advice. Just went to the website that you indicated and went through the steps, and it worked out great my 6800 is now unlocked. Wish I knew this before I purchased my Moto v525.... Once again Thanks
2004-01-27 19:55:38
Just a reply...If the phone is purchased it is yours, you have the right to have the phone unlocked and do as you are pleased....After all do auto makers force you to take the car to where it was purchased for repairs...!!!
2004-02-07 23:06:44
T-Mobile Nokia 3650
I just unlocked my T-Mobile Nokia 3650 following the steps. Now it says that "restriction off" but then i tried another SIM card from my friends phone [Xingular] but that did not work. It did not give me any error message but when I tried his number from another phone number it did not rang [my phone suppose to rang] and my phone also stop receiving signal as long as I kept the other SIM card.
Is there anything I am missing ?
Please help me out.
2004-05-31 11:05:33
A Nokia 6800a
Hey guys,

I purchased a Nokia 6800a from the States like a year ago and now that am back home I have been trying for sometime to get it to read my local network... I removed the locks and everything and yet it still doesnt read my local network eventhough my SIM card is valid and all... Can someone help me here? Do i need to reset the whole software since it still shows the AT&T logo even after i did a "factory restore"?

2004-08-11 12:12:21
What is the difference between an unlocked phone and a locked phone. I dont get it.
2004-08-27 05:41:26
A Nokia 6200
I am having the same problem , I bought a phone from UK and unlocked it using code from uniquephone.com but when I tried to enter the sim in india , it again says that sim not found, do I have to enter the unlock code for india as well ? using the code for india's provider? I used the code to unlock the phone using the code for the provider in UK and I want this phone to work in India , can you help please
2004-09-12 13:28:09
No Service? Where'd you get your phone?
Very basic problem I'm seeing in some of the comments here, where "no-service" after unlocking the phone.

First. What carrier was the original?
For North America, it has to be a T-mobile, ATTWS or Cingular. It must be a GSM phone (TDMA/CDMA phones can not be unlocked, since the ESN database is on the carrier side) and second must match the GSM bands your new carrier's sim card use.

So say you bought a ATTWS Nokia 3595 and went to europe. This phone will NOT work, as GSM North America is 850/1900 Mhz (some older ATT and T-mobile phones are single band 1900Mhz) where as europe is 900/1800Mhz.

The same works the other way, you can't take a dual-band phone from europe and make it work in north america.

So up comes the subject of tri-band/quad-band. Most >100$ nokia cell phones are tri-band. This is not sufficient for purchasing a european phone. Nokia usually makes 900/1800/1900Mhz models in europe, and 850/1800/1900Mhz models in North America.

See in Europe, it's all GSM, so there are multiple carriers on different 900/1800 bands.

In North America however, the GSM coverage is overlapping 850 and 1900Mhz bands, but isn't solid. If you purchase a european model that doesn't support BOTH 850 and 1900 Mhz, then you are only going to get about 50% of the coverage inside the USA. You could very well end up in an area that is covered only by the 850Mhz band, so your triband european phone will not work.

NEC, Sony Ericsson, and occasionally Motorola do make quad-band phones. Nokia only ever seems to make tri-band phones. If you get a triband phone, unlocked or not, it is not gauranteed to work in your area, no matter which carrier you have.

T-mobile's own network in the USA is a 1900Mhz one. Cingular/ATTWS have an 850/1900Mhz network. Unicel and Cellular One/Western Wireless have roaming-only GSM coverage in some states, and do not actually have GSM for their own customers.

Oh, and read the instructions. You'll see in the windows software that you must use code 1 first, or code 7. Always start with code 1.

Canada addendum:
Rogers Wireless is a 850/1900 Mhz network, Fido/Microcell is a 1900Mhz GSM network, any phone purchased that WAS a Rogers or Fido phone will work on T-mobile/ATTWS/Cingular network and vice versa. However the networks in the USA have nationwide plans that allow for roaming on any GSM carrier. However in Canada, the extra coverage is gained through the use of TDMA/Analog networks (including Fido). If you purchase a Nokia 6340i or a Sony Ericsson T62u, you will only get the GSM side if you switch carriers. The TDMA side has an "ESN" specific to the sim card, and you usually need a special SIM card to use it. Ask your carrier if they can activate a "customer owned" GAIT phone. If they go "huh?what?" Then the answer is no(or ask for someone that knows what GAIT is).

In TDMA/CDMA, there is a SOC code that is is the "lock", however even if you find a way to change the SOC in your CDMA/TDMA (Verizon,Sprint,Telus are CDMA, Cingular/ATTWS have TDMA as well) phone, the carrier still has to "enable" your ESN on their network, and have a database of "their phones" that they can activate.

Nextel and Telus(Mike) have iDEN phones which can neither be unlocked, not switched to any other carrier, as those are the only two carriers using it. However, they do have an IMEI. Do not confuse for GSM phones IMEI.

2004-10-15 02:03:04
Programming Nokia 6340i for use
I have a Nokia 6340i a buddy gave me from his Cingular provider. It does have a SIM card. Currently, the phone is unlocked via the unlocking procedures I found online, however I still would like to program my MIN (phone number) into the phone. Is that possible, and how can I do it? The reps at my carrier said they can't use SIM phones, but I would like to see anyway. Anyone that can help please do so, I would greatly appreciate it. Thankx!!
2004-11-19 10:05:17
FCC Complaint Against AT&T
I really appritiate this article/post. I recently have been going at it with AT&T regarding unlocking my Siemens phone with similar results as the author. The reason for this reply is to encourage people to file a formal complaint with the FCC against AT&T. It takes 5 minutes and it's easy to do on the FCC website. This is monopolistic behavior and we have every right to choose our service provider (providing you own your phone that is). Power to the people!
2004-11-22 02:43:34
FCC Complaint Against AT&T
why will they countinue with this type of dirty jobs.they should stop this infringment on human freedom
2004-11-22 08:06:09
spam spam and more spam in this thread
Paying for an unlock code is like basically asking for someone to do some simple math for you on a caculator, only you pay them 10 dollars for it. I unlocked my phone no problem at all with a regular code caculator.

Anyways, i wanted to write to see if anyone had the same problem i had, or possibly a solution. Seems ever since i unlocked my phone, when you call my phone and it doesn't pick up, it goes to a generic voice mailbox. It used to go to my specific voice mailbox (provider is AT&T/Cingular), but now you have to enter my 10 digit cell phone number in order to leave me a voicemail, and hear my automated voicemail message.

Anyone else had similar problems? Or solutions?

2005-01-08 17:51:45
Cannot Undo Restriction
I have been trying some of these unlock codes for my Nokia 3120 and have been getting Code error on most of them. After about 10, I began to get the Cannot Undo Restriction. Does the phone have a limited number of attempts to unlock it?
2005-02-02 10:08:14
Unlocked Phone - new provider????
Hi everyone,
I just unlocked my phone (with the sim in, wouldn't work otherwise) and now I have a new network provider listed one the screen - it changed from Sprint to Cingular - is this normal?


2005-02-05 16:02:35
Is Unlocking a phone our right
You bet it is. The consumer is always at the mercy of businesses that think they are doing us a favor by allowing us the honor of giving them our hard earned money. I have been with Cingular now since they were bellsouth wireless. I think over the years I have definetely given them enought money to give me the right to use my phone as I see fit. Let's face it, if it is stolen, brakes or is lost they are not going to replace it free of charge. They tell you the phone is yours once you purchase it and if it breaks you are out of luck. So if it mine then I should be able to do whatever I please with it. If I unlock it and take my business somewhere else they are going to charge me a hefty fee for leaving the contract. So if they are charging me the rest of the contract and won't take the phone back then the phone is mine to take where ever I want, right?

I think it is definetely our righ to unlock the phones.


2005-02-13 15:34:11
Unlocking effects
Let's say I have a T-Mobile sidekick and I want to use it with the Cingular service. Will unlocking the phone prevent me from then being able to use certain features with the Cingular network (ie Text Messaging, WAP browsing, etc)?
2005-02-14 02:07:25
unlocking orange 8210e.
hi all!!!

i purchased an orange nokia 8210e in the uk and wish to put a vodafone sim in australia.

how much should it cost to do on the internet?? i searched on google but am hesitant about passing credit card details to an unfamiliar company.

can anyone help??

2005-02-15 02:52:44
I have read through your posts and was wondering if you had any additional information regarding unlocking motorolla phones...in particular a motorolla v220 camera phone with a sim from cingular? Also, once you have exhausted all 7 tries to unlock, and have been unsuccessful, is there no hope at all for your phone?
2005-03-10 22:34:00
I almost had to buy a new phone
Thank God for www.cellspeed.ca, they unlocked it for me with detailed instructions. It was quite inexpensive. I was about to spend another $400 on a mobile that i really didnt need. No one could unlock my treo 600 for me. Then I did a google search and found cellspeed.ca. Emailed them and paid them via paypal (so i know i wont lose my money) and i got the software and it worked.
2005-03-12 19:02:33
Nokia 6630????
There is some difficulty in unlocking the Nokia 6630. My calculator generates the codes, but I don't think that they will be correct. As it turns out this model and possibly the 6620 are upgraded BB5 models. All the free calculators out there only do DCT 2, 3 and 4. Also they may not even have the standard Asic (2,5,6,7) or GEN. So people with these newest models will have to either wait or find someone who can do it with a cable and box. Even then it may not be easy. I'll keep this site posted if anything new comes up...
2005-04-02 17:42:17
Nokia 3220
yep mate you goofed alright... if you entered more than 5 incorrect codes your phone can now only be unlocked using a computer and a data cable called a dongle, (you can buy these yourself and do it) it's not that hard as most of these cables come supplied with software for doing the job for you, ask in any mobile accessory shop, they should be able to help you out,
you can also buy these cables from the internet at very reasonable prices, i don't know where though, just search for nokia unblocking software and you will find what you are looking for
sorry i can't be much more help to you
2005-04-06 01:39:30
Free isn't always good
All I can say is be careful with free codes floating around the net. You get only 5 tries at entering unlock codes into a Nokia phone and then it's an expensive cable unlock. I have attempted to unlock 3 phones with free codes and all failed, and in the end it cost me £12.50 each to get them unlocked via cable.

I now use http://www.unlocks.co.uk to get my Nokia phones unlocked (I buy second-user handsets for re-sale). At first I purchased unlock codes from them when needed at £4.50 a go, which is a damn site cheaper than the £12.50 I was being charged for cable unlocking. However, I soon discovered that they also have a subscription service - £20.00 for 6 months unlimited unlock codes.

I have been a subscriber for 4 months now and I have generated over 60 sets of unlock codes using this service without a single problem. My point is - free may end up costing you more in the end, so why mess about. Just pay these guys the £4.50 and you know the job is done right first time!

2005-04-19 11:07:19
Security Code
you inputted a correct code to unlock your phone, but it seems that there is a sim lock on the phone also. go back to the calculator and try entering code 3 and/ or 5, get the exact codes that you have already used to unlock the phone in the first place.... the seventh code is the master code but sometimes will not unlock the sim lock
hoping this helps you
2005-04-19 11:22:49
Unlock code for Nokia 3120b
press the hash key for #
press the star * key 3 times for "p"
press the star * key 4 times for "w"
press the star * key 2 times for "+"
procede to enter the code provided
press the star * key 2 times for "+"
press the hash key for #
2005-04-20 23:18:30
Nokia 6610i locked to Orange UK
I have downloaded various software programmes from the net for code generation for my Nokia 6610i, when I have checked the codes generated bt different programmes there is a difference in some of the codes by perhaps 1 or 2 different numbers.

Could anyone let me know how precice these codes have to be and if there is only one (No. 7, total unlock) keyfor each phone or can there be a variety of numbers.

Thanks for any help received.



2005-06-15 18:22:18
Unlocking your phone - the easy (but not free) way!
I just unlocked my nokia phone. It took 5 minutes and $3.95. I read Schuyler Erle's article and decided to follow his instructions. I'm a semi-techie so why not. While trying to figure out if my phone is DCT 3 or 4 I saw a website selling the codes (my nokia was not listed on unlockme.co.uk and the unlocksmith.com site wasn't working). I decided to splurge and buy the code. Way too easy! Go to www.mobleliberation.com if you are short on time!
2005-07-29 15:21:10
Unlocking... abusing or consumer's right?
Here is my situation. Almost a year ago I had service from AT&T. They merged with Cingular, and we didn't want Cingular, so we subscribed to a local wireless company. The phone they gave me is HORRIBLE. It restarts, the screen goes blank, the whole nine yards. I want to use my old AT&T phone with my new provider...but there's the 'code unlock' thing. For this situation, people would have different ideas. For someone who works for a wireless company, they would say, "Hey, that's violating our rights. We sold you that phone under our name and now you want to use it with someone else's?" When in the meantime, I'm sitting here thinking, "Hey, I bought this phone, I should be able to do what I want with it." So I think it kind of goes both ways. I think that once you leave the company you bought the phone from, it shouldn't really matter what you do with it.
2005-09-08 15:02:51