Upcoming Milwaukee Event

by Jesse Liberty

Related link: http://www.cti.sba.uwm.edu/workshop

On April 30 I'll be presenting
Wicked Fast C# at the School of Business Administration, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. This is an all-day intensive seminar, the cost is $99.


The development language of choice for .NET applications is C#, and the premier development environment for C# is Visual Studio .NET This course will present an intensive introduction to Visual C# .NET aimed squarely at Java, C++, VB6 and other experienced programmers.

1. Fundamentals
A lightening-quick introduction to .NET, the framework, the CLR and the role of C#. A brief review of classes, inheritance and polymorphism, followed by an introduction to Structs and interfaces (and the difference between C# structs and C++ structs pointed out). The is and as operators are demonstrated. Implementing multiple interfaces, extending and combining interfaces is discussed. The string class is shown, and exceptions are described.

2. Core Topics
Visual Studio .NET is shown, and the C# coding support demonstrated. Arrays, Indexers and the collection classes are discussed. Delegates are explained in detail, and their relationship to Events is demonstrated. Garbage collection is explained.

3. Building Applications
Using C# to build Web and Windows applications is discussed and demonstrated. Interacting with databases is introduced, and the ADO.NET framework architecture is discussed and demonstrated. Events are shown within the context of GUI applications.

4. Advanced Topics
Streams are introduced. Reading and writing to files and directoreis, asynchronous and overlapped I/O, network streaming are explained. An ftp client is created and explained. Attributes are shown, custom attributes are demonstrated. Using reflection to access attributes and metadata is shown along with reflection emit. Threading is introduced and concurrency issues and solutions are discussed

Who Should Attend

Java, C++, VB6 and other experienced programmers interested in making the shift to C# are the target audience. Novice programmers who have read at least half of an introductory book on C# (e.g., Programming C# 3rd Edition by Jesse Liberty) may also benefit from this fast-paced introduction to object-oriented software development with C#.