Update: Loading URL-based Video onto Apple TV

by Erica Sadun

So it turned out that my plug-in that I posted about yesterday worked much better than I thought it did. If you feed it a URL and the data can be downloaded (rather than streamed from the server), it will download and play back. Here are some results of testing the plug-in last night.

RocketBoom: I connected to a RocketBoom .mov file. It took a minute or two to download to disk and then played back perfectly. Video was good, audio was good. I could not, however, start playback until the entire file downloaded. For RocketBoom's relatively small video files that wasn't a big deal.



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2007-04-12 05:44:46
The podcast "Your Make Life":
comes in the form of .mov files that are not movies but when played in iTunes will stream the podcast. I noticed this because it takes about one second to "download" this podcast even though it is over two hours long, and the little tv icon that marks videos in iTunes disappears after the podcast is downloaded.

How does this streaming "podcast" work on the TV (AppleTV)?

It's audio only in this case but I'm betting the .mov container can also stream a video.

Erica Sadun
2007-04-12 13:28:13
Hi scstsut: I opened the file and found the following rtsp stream embedded in the .mov data: rtsp://streams.ymlmedia.com/streams.ymlmedia.com/YML070404s.mov

I tried streaming it over to Apple TV but I ended up with the same audio and white video screen as I did with the Apple Keynote.

WMV streaming? No problem. Apple rtsp streaming? No go so far.

2007-04-16 16:08:49
Erica: Are you sure that the link above has the correct plugin?
There seems to be a strange dependency between this plugin and your Perl plugin. In my system clicking on Fetch URL shows perl files. And if I don't have the Perl plugin in the Plugins dir, frontrow refuses to load
Erica Sadun
2007-04-16 16:17:07
AK: Mea culpa. I basically rewrote the Perl plug-in to create the URL one and Apple TV thinks they're the same thing. When I get a second, I'll redo one or both to make them completely distinct. (See what the "proof of concept" mentality does!?)
2007-04-16 20:03:49
Thanks Erica, will look forward to it. Has anyone been able to run either of them succesfully, outside of the dev environment? I think I have a pretty generic setup very lightly hacked, just have the ATV File Reader plugin, ssh, and ftp client enabled. But I can't get either working.

The Perl plugin just prints the name of the Perl script, but no results. Even your bundled weather script doesnt run.

And this plug acts exactly the same...


Erica Sadun
2007-04-16 20:07:47
AK: Since my two plug-ins (Perl & URL) are using the ATV Files code, that's why you're having that problem running them. Only one of the three (Perl, URL, and ATV Files) can be run at a time at this point.
2007-06-06 14:31:11
2008-03-27 18:15:47
Hello Erica
Where doi put the files that i downloaded from here ..i have an appletv take2 configured wirh ssh and nitoTV iam able to play WMV files but i would like to stream live windows content..
Thanks in advance for you help