Update on Inside Aperture Podcasts

by Derrick Story


I have a great lineup of Inside Aperture Podcasts slated, and I wanted to answer a few recent questions from readers about the show.

First, you can subscribe to the show via iTunes Music Store. You can either power search on the phrase Inside Aperture, or go directly to our page via the iTunes URL for Inside Aperture. Both current shows are in there now, and you can automatically receive future shows as I publish them.

The next episode publishes on Nov. 28. I'm looking forward to this show because it debuts our podcaster at large, Andrew Darlow, editor of Imaging Buffet. Andrew has been busy interviewing photographers for Inside Aperture while I've been talking with the technical folks. For the Nov. 28 show, Andrew interviews Bill Frakes, popular Sports Illustrated photographer. Andrew caught up with Bill at PhotoPlus Expo, and I really like the insights Bill provides about the life of a big time sports photographer.

Then on Dec. 12, I'll publish my interview with Sal Soghoian, Apple's guru for automation. I cornered Sal on the high seas as we were returning from Belize on a Geek Cruise. As you can imagine, Sal has lots to say about extending the Aperture workflow through Automator.

Looking forward, I have two shows a month planned well into 2007. Andrew will be covering the beat on the East Coast, and I'll track down folks in the West. I hope you enjoy these conversations.


Rishi O
2006-11-18 21:14:31
Thank you for the great content.
Mark Wagoner
2006-11-21 19:28:27
Derrick, Something we are trying to confirm is if there is way for us to use multiple machine to see the same library with changes and updates from any box showing up on another. In a Portfolio kind of way. We use Aperture to manage our jobs shot with a small format camera body and we are working on a way to archive all files even tiffs after coming out of our Eyelike back. We must have away for them to be searchable from any computer in our studio. They will reside on an xserve raid. A sow or any info you might have on this would be greatly appreciated.
Mark Wagoner