Update on Marware leather nano wallets

by Derrick Story

Where we last left off on the subject of nano cases, was that I was intrigued by the Marware nano wallet and was waiting for a sample to test. Marware sent me both the CEO Billfold Wallet and the CEO Card Wallet.

If you read my earlier post, you know that I was fascinated by the bigger Billfold wallet. But as it turns out, it's just not practical for everyday use (even though I am a front pocket guy). The problem is that the nano butts up against the secure ID pocket causing way too much thickness. When fully loaded, mine barely closes. This situation is made worse by the density of the leather itself. I think Marware used top grain cow hide (I'm not a leather expert by any means) instead of something thinner. The bottom line is, unless you wear really baggy pants and don't mind a mini-briefcase in your front pocket, this item isn't for you.

The pleasant surprise was the CEO Card Wallet. I didn't pay much attention to it on the Marware site, so I'm glad they sent me one without asking. The design of the Card Wallet is much simpler, and as a result, more practical. The nano slips into a protective sheath on the right side (with transparent screen protector) and there's room for business or credit cards on the left. You have access to both the hold switch on top and earbud jack on the bottom, but not the dock connector. The scroll wheel is exposed and easy to use.

The entire package fits nicely in my front pants, top shirt, or inside jacket pockets. It looks good too. I wish there was access to the dock connector without having to remove the nano, which is no easy trick due to the snug fit of the wallet sleeve. But aside from that minor nit, I really like the Marware Card Wallet. Very classy. And most importantly, it really protects your nano.