UPDATE: Sprint Says Treo 650 WILL Support Bluetooth Dialup

by Marc Hedlund

In an earlier post this week, I railed against Sprint for disabling the use of Bluetooth on the new Treo 650 for laptop Internet access. Jeff Shafer from Sprint Business Solutions Public Relations contacted me and said the following:

It is important to note that the characterization [in your post] is inaccurate.

Due to some development deadlines, the phone has been launched as described, without the DUN [dial-up networking] capability.  However, as part of a scheduled maintenance release of software (timing pending some testing), the DUN capabilities will be supported.  We also support the functionality in the just released PPC-6601 (Pocket PC device).   In no way is Sprint suppressing the functionality as you describe or with the motivations you assert.

I'm glad to hear that Sprint will be supporting this functionality and is not trying to double-dip on mobile business users. I also asked whether the commentator on my previous post was right about the terms of service being a concern, and Jeff responded, "my understanding is that no, we do not have a restriction on these devices from a pricing/plan standpoint. This sort of use only represents a pretty small fraction of Sprint Vision customers, so we see it as one of those areas where if this is how customers choose to connect, we don't stand in the way."


2004-10-27 11:43:51
Will it still work hard-wired?
Until dial-up networking is enabled with Bluetooth, will I still be able to use PDANet with the USB cable? If so, I'm buying. If not, I'm waiting.
2004-10-27 14:47:30
Vision with a tethered connection
Hmmmmm.... as far as I can tell, using a tethered connection to put your laptop online through Vision is still against the terms of service. I wonder if I signed up for Sprint and Vision, if I could tell them "Jeff said it was okay!" heh :)
2004-10-28 13:43:22
Treo 650
I currently own a Treo 600. I have had it for 9 months and the none replacable battery is dead. Sprint is replacing the phone under warranty, but I suspect the battery will be dead again in 9 months, when the warrenty will be expired.

Does sprint have any plans to let us replace the Treo 600 with the Treo 650 with replaceable battery?


2004-10-29 09:51:10
Sprint is being misleading (again)
I believe that Jeff Shafer from Sprint Business Solutions Public Relations is not telling the whole truth. This is the same, less than forthcoming stuff that Sprint users keep hearing. The whole thing is meant to be confusing. But the contract is very explicit. I suggest you read it yourself.

From the contract that came with the PDF for my phone:

"Unlimited Sprint PCS Vision plans/options are only available with phones or Sprint PCS smart phones where the device is not being used as a modem in connection with other equipment (e.g., computers, PDAs, etc.) through use of connection kits or other phone-to-computer/PDA accessories, or Bluetooth or other wireless technology. Sprint reserves the right to deny or to terminate service without notice for any misuse."

I don't see how this can be misinterpreted.

2004-10-29 10:01:25
Sprint is being misleading (again)
The online version of this can be found here:


Look for the section labeled "Other Sprint PCS Vision Terms"

2004-10-29 12:10:53
Sprint is being misleading (again)
I agree with you - the language seems very clear in the contract. I'm gathering more information to send Jeff another inquiry.
2004-10-29 12:11:43
Treo 650
Handspring used to have "trade-up" discounts -- I believe I got a discount when I went from the Treo 300 to the Treo 600. But I'm not sure what specific plans they have for this release.
2004-11-04 10:43:43
Avid Treo600 user here of a different sort.....I bought mine because I thought it would be cool to have all those shareware programs and games but I have been pretty much disappointed cause most suck and half dont work on the treo......it took me 6 months to get my email "user friendly" and i still dont use it much.......checking weather and sports and jokingly visiting porn sites at TGIF's tables is the most I've gotten out of this thing. Granted I'm no corporate exec. but I expected more. The phone has been pretty much useless to. The coolest thing I was excited about was "stealing" the internet access from the phone to my pc before I had dial up. I was joyed to find PDAnet and it worked great with the supplied hotsync cable but no pictures sucked and I stopped using it as soon as I got highspeed. I did call sprint when I was using it though and they told me the same. "We don't mind people using it for casual use but bandwith hogs will lose there vision plan." Sounds like there in the same mindframe now but didn't I read that the 650 will be EDGE compatible. This makes the idea of leaving sprint a no brainer considering their highspeed data network is far behind att. I would use my phone for all my access on the EDGE network. No?
2004-11-04 10:45:36
"The phone has been pretty much useless to"

I meant the camera

2004-11-10 10:30:40
TRE0 650 is *NOT* shipping with DUN
I just got off the phone trying to preorder Treo 650. Sprint rep told me VERY CLEARLY that the current batch of 650s are NOT shipping with DUN capability.

He said Sprint might sell hardware for that in future. I asked him 3 times and pointed him to this site as well. But he still stuck to the fact that Sprint PCS is not shipping Treo with DUN.

This makes me thik that the PR carefully phrased it in a politically correct way that due to deadlines they were not able to include that and that they'd support it in future.. But when is this "future"? 2 years from now? ;-)

Buyers beware!!! I think Sprint is taking us for a joy ride with mixed messages.

2004-11-22 17:55:09
The Treo 650 has already been hacked to enable DUN
Discussion on enabling DUN on Treo 650

The threads say that the hack was a 2-byte patch. This gives the final lie to the nonsense that the DUN profile wasn't ready that Sprint has been spreading. It was disabled on purpose and the Sprint only decided to enable it in a "future" release because of public backlash. Sprint needs to get its act together with regard to both modem usage and Bluetooth functionality.

2004-11-30 14:20:01
Will it still work hard-wired?
Received my 650 last week. Found the PDANet for treo650 beta at http://www.junefabrics.com/palmnet/index.php.

Seems to work OK with Treo650.

2004-12-03 23:11:12
Does SPCS B.T. policy extend to new LG PM-325 ?
Marc Hedlund,

Have you heard if Sprint's BlueTooth tehtering policy reversal is only for their high $$$$ end devices or will they extend it to their new, more affordable BlueTooth phone LG PM-325 and those forthcoming ?

Have you heard anything on Sprint's BlueTooth synchronization policy, covering features like SyncML and Object Exchange Protocol (OBEX)?

Sprint is notorious for disabling features in their phones so :
1. users have to pay more to use Sprint's online service to get pictures off of their phone
2. removing Java ME so you cannot upload or use MIDPs
3. removing other features so consumers cannot upload, download, or access personal data held in the phone or sync via Cables/IrDA/BlueTooth. This prevent custom ring tones, screens, syncing date books and contacts.
All of their Nokia line is prime example of their crippling tactics.

Do you know of a consumer or petition site to help influence the reversal of such policies - such as the high visibility O'reilly comments on their Treo 650?

Thanks, Y.A. Besieged User

2005-03-27 15:29:35
Its great that some one has enough clout to bring the Big Wigs to the Bar and let them know how the user of a $500 purchase has some rights to use. Double dipping is a nasty word but sure as hell is exactly what they'll do if we dont sound off. Hooray for our side