Updated MBTA Subway Google Map with Location-Based Search

by Ming Chow

I updated my MBTA subway map created using the Google Maps API: http://www.cs.tufts.edu/~mchow/mbta_gmap. In addition to now using version 2 of the API, the most significant update is the location-based search. Thanks to the Google Maps API geocoder, you can now type in a street address, and the closest subway station will be returned with approximate distance (a black polyline from your address to the station will also be displayed). For example, try '161 College Avenue, Medford, MA' --the Computer Science department at Tufts.

Now if you are really brave, you can also get a list of the 5 closest subway stations based on your IP address. In many cases, it is inaccurate. I am using hostip.info as my IP geocoding source. If you know of a more accurate source (preferably free), please let me know.


2007-02-24 06:34:39
You can try http://www.ipgp.net , in most cases it shows exact results.