Updatedx1: A Social Network for Data Sharing

by Steve Mallett

Update: This data-'sharing' scenario popped up over the weekend where a new 'service' is taking content over RSS and wrapping their ads up in it.

People can and will always find a way to steal other's content if they want. This social network for data idea, at a surface level, might help identify people who have asked permission to use content and been given the nod vs. those who haven't.

Still lots of loopholes, but that's a bit of a start. I do wonder though if the only people worried about content 'theft' are those making money off it, or those peeved that others are.

I'm throwing this out there as I'm still not sure what to make of it:

There's talk of, and work underway, for a datalibre movement called Structured Blogging. It includes a bunch of code, human intervention in coding, and seems a bit doomed in the doldrums of who's going to care enough to bother coding all that.

Let's try to make data sharing, at least, a little fun and build on two concepts we're all familiar with: MySpace & Feedburner.


2006-05-19 11:21:51
I'm looking into this as an idea for sharing BLAST target databases between distributed research and processing sites. Some of our data-sets can be rather large and so I'm also looking at Bittorrent as a transport mechanism.

Is anyone else doing this?