[Update:Planet.XSLTransformations] On Streams, Rivers, and Floods

by M. David Peterson

Update: Note to self and others: When attempting to setup a recursive planet using Venus (e.g. http://planet.xsltransformations.com/river includes http://planet.xsltransformations.com/ and http://planet.xsltransformations.com/flood includes http://planet.xsltransformations.com/river) don't use the same on-disk location for the feed cache.

The result if you do? Hours of wondering how on earth entries with the author listed as "Planet XSLTransformations + River" are making it into the root of the planet.


[Original Post]
Holy Hannah!!! I guess I should have realized that adding both Technorati[xslt|xsl|xsl-fo] and del.icio.us[xsl|xslt|xsl-fo] to the mix would have resulted in the flood of XSLT-related material that it did, but as with all things in life, experience is what helps make you a wiser human being.


http://planet.xsltransformations.com/ = A "stream" of XSLT-related material from a pre-determined list of XSLT hackers, technologists, and overall community members.

http://planet.xsltransformations.com/river/ = All of the above + del.icio.us[xsl|xslt|xsl-fo]

http://planet.xsltransformations.com/flood/ = All of the above + Technorati[xsl|xslt|xsl-fo] + del.icio.us[xquery|xpath|linq]

I'll be tinkering with the last two until I get it to what seems like the right level of river and flood status. If you would like to help in my attempt to control the flood gates, by all means, please do.

Please note: If your feed reader looked anything like mine after the initial flood, my most sincere apologies! Hopefully things will be a bit more under control now.