Updates to the iTMS v7 Back-End

by Erica Sadun

Following up to my iTMShacks post, I found a few changes to the iTMS protocol with the release of iTunes 7.

For example, the commands machineAuthorizationInfo and accountSummary replace AuthorizationInfo and modifyAccount. iPodRegistration replaces newIpodUserStoreFront.

New items include a check on the download queue, setting the auto download, an m5 Mismatch, updating an asset and, of course, downloading cover art (CoverArt and CoverArtMatch).

There are also several new ministore commands, which is strange given that the ministore seems DOA.

There's really not enough new items to matter much, and the cover art thing is pretty much taken care of in-program. So bottom line? Nothing much new to report.


2006-09-12 17:10:09
I don't know why you state theat teh minstore seems DOA. It just isn't enabled by default, but once you select View>Show Mini Store it appears and functions as it always has.
Stranger for me is the opening of a new iTunes window when you access the music store.
Erica Sadun
2006-09-12 18:31:30
Whoa! The MiniStore lives!!! I don't know why I couldn't get it to un-gray this afternoon but it's working fine now. Thanks Staggie!