URL Plug-in Update #2

by Erica Sadun

Devcenter reader Dick Applebaum writes in to report that the URL plug-in works with good results. He's been able to play several videos including live and archived streamed .wmvs. The files stream properly in that you don't have to wait for the entire file to load before playback begins.

Unfortunately, some the live streams he's accessing (as opposed to archived ones) stop playing after 5 minutes. It seems like the live source sends five minute segments. After that time, the plug-in returns to the main menu and he has to select the URL again to get to the next segment.

So all you streaming experts out there: do you know a workaround that I can put into the QT Player part of the plug-in to make it try to keep grabbing video? Or is this a problem at the server end? I posted the code I'm using a few posts back.

Make sure you've installed Flip4Mac in your /Library/QuickTime folder if you want to play with WMV files and streaming.

As a final note, Dick mentions that he ported SQLite over to the Apple TV without any trouble.