Use Automator to manage workspaces

by Giles Turnbull

Owen Linzmayer doesn't like the way Login Items cannot be temporarily disabled or skipped in OS X; either you load all of the ones you have set up in the Accounts Prefs, or hold down shift during login and don't load any of them. This can be troublesome if you're out on the road and don't want to load up all the stuff needed to operate peripherals that aren't connected.

Well, Owen has a point there, but as soon as I read his complaint a simple solution popped into my head.


2006-03-29 06:02:18
Hmmmm.. I wonder if it would be possible to have LocationX launch the correct workflow for you.
Mark Hunte
2006-03-29 14:26:47
I like that idea, But I would change a couple of things.
1, Make a folder called "work" and one called "Road" or what ever you want to name the two folders.

2, Put in each folder an alias of the items you want opened. (files, folders,apps) You can add or take out any of these any time you want. without editing the Automator apps.

You can use the crtl+option keys with drag and drop to make this very quick.
(drag first, hold the keys, drop)

IN - Automator. for the "work" folder. use these items from the "Finder actions"

1. Get Specified Finder Items.
(Select the "work" folder)

2.Get Folder Contents.

3.Open Finder Items.
(open with: Defualt Applications.

Save as application.

Repeat for the "Road" folder.

Follow the instructions on this page
"in a particular place - I’ll suggest a new folder called “Where Am I”, inside the top-level Applications folder.
Now to finish things off, with another simple workflow:
• Ask for Finder items (have the prompt say something like: “Where are you today?”, and the Start At folder set to the “Where Am I” folder created in the previous step)
• Open Finder items
This should also be saved as an application, in the Applications folder, and then this workflow can be added as a Login Item for Owen’s account."

Mark Hunte
2006-03-29 14:32:31
Sorry Those Keys should have been :


To do the drag and drop to make alias.

2006-03-30 00:11:38
An elegant refinement, Mark, thanks.
2006-03-30 15:46:06
Simpler solution: never turn off your laptop; always sleep.