Using Different Papers with Templates

by James Duncan Davidson

Michael Clark posted earlier this week about using templates in Lightroom's print module. I find being able to setup templates in the print module extremely handy as well and have recently taken things a step further. You see, sometimes when I'm printing out photographs on my HP 9180, I'll use a the HP glossy paper. Some times, I'll use the HP satin-gloss paper which is a bit more to my liking. And other times I'll use Hahnemuehle's Lumijet Genuine Pearl, which I really like. Of course, these decisions are all about what I happen to have on hand and my mood at the time.

What I don't like doing when I'm using different kinds of paper is remember to set things up in the printer dialog boxes. So, what I'll do is create duplicates of my favorite templates and set them up for each paper, including the print driver settings as well as the ICC profile to use for the particular paper I'm using. For example, here's a screen shot showing a setup for printing out 2 5x7 images onto different kinds of 8.5x11 paper:


After setting these up with just the correct settings for each paper, I no longer have to think about profiles or the like. I just select some images, select the template, and hit print. Easy peasy and just the ticket when I'm in a hurry to get some quick prints out and take with me when I'm on the run to a client.


2007-06-18 07:53:15
I've written a more detailed tutorial on setting up a template for two 5x7 per page printing. Have a look:

2007-06-18 18:26:16
Very nice ideas thanks, thanks daniel for the tutorial too.