Using Jakarta Slide? Stop. Use Jackrabbit.

by Tim O'Brien

There's a good chance that someone out there is using Slide, it used to be distributed as a WebDAV library with Tomcat 4. If this is you, or your organization, you should know that it is no longer "a project". Here's the announcement from Roland Weber of the Jakarta PMC:

The Apache Jakarta PMC is sorry to announce the retirement
of the Jakarta Slide subproject. After it's last release in
December 2004, development activity was significantly reduced
and came to a total standstill this year. Without a minimum
developer community that can release security fixes, we have
no choice but to retire Slide. We'll keep at least one of
the mailing lists open for a transition period, so users can
discuss alternatives and migration away from Slide. Further
use of the Slide codebase is discouraged.

One alternative to Slide is provided by the Apache Jackrabbit
project. Jackrabbit has a healthy, active developer community
and provides, among others things:
- a server-side content repository
- a WebDAV server component for access to the repository
- a WebDAV client component
Please visit for more information.

We apologize for the inconveniences.