Using Lightroom and Photoshop to Create Color Fantasies

by Ken Milburn

As artists, we all have a perfect right to re-interpret the world to match our fondest dreams or wildest long as we don't misrepresent the final result as the truth (my opinion, anyway).

Lightroom's amazing adjustment tools can make it extremely easy to do such a thing. Supposing, for instance, that we want to take a fairly ordinary photo and turn it into a dream. So that you can get the idea more easily, here's the photo I started with on the left and the result of the process I'll describe when you rest "the rest of the story..."

Pelican rock-BA.jpg


2007-05-24 19:12:18
This is cool. I did something similar a few weeks ago (just HSL + split toning in Lightroom), no Photoshop, and was quite happy with the results:
I've found that the dream-like colouring you describe works really well with Lensbaby images (which are dream-like in themselves).