Using PictureSync with Lightroom to export JPEG images for website use.

by George Mann

This post is a continuation of last weeks post on Exporting and Saving JPEG images for website use. I'm not a software engineer so I can't explain what really goes on with this application aside from that it makes the process of preparing JPEG images for use on public and personal internet websites a lot easier.

There are three ways to use PictureSync with Lightroom (illustrated below), Export (with the full dialog), Export - with PictureSync Preset, and using the PictureSync application as the alternate external image editor and selecting Edit with - PictureSync.


This image was exported from Lightroom using PictureSync.


The full Export dialog using the PictureSync Preset and manual settings.


The Export with PictureSync Preset menu command.


Using PictureSync as the alternate external Lightroom image editor.

PictureSync can of course be used both for individual and batch processing of JPEG image files intended for internet website use. PictureSync is usually only $15 for use on picture sharing sites such as Flickr but for use with Aperture, Expression Media and Lightroom the "Pro" fee is $30. If you do as much web work as I do it is well worth it though.


2007-11-03 07:50:24
I don't really get what PictureSync does that the Flickr Uploader and Lightroom itself doesn't do? What am I missing?
George Mann
2007-11-03 09:58:08
To be honest with you I am not really interested in Flickr. I am more interested in finding a better way to export good quality JPEG files from Lightroom, for any website use.

If anyone knows of another or a better way to accomplish this, than using PictureSync, please let me know.

George Mann
2007-11-04 19:01:44
I should mention that I am still getting better results with some browsers than others after using PictureSync. So I am still looking for a better solution for my problem.

I travel a lot (and work on the web while traveling) so a hardware color calibrated CRT is not a solution I can work with (not while I am on the road anyway).