Using Stacks

by Ken Milburn

Do you ever wish that you could just quickly look through Library's Grid view for photos of a particular subject at a particular angle...or even just photos of a particular subject? Then you wouldn't have to go through dozens or hundreds of pictures when you were just looking for a particular type of thing. Of course, the most common way to take care of that problem is to just drag all the similar pictures into a sequence by "light-tabling" them. To do that, you just click the center of the picture to select it, then drag it next to another similar picture in the grid. Then you Cmd/Ctrl + Select any other pictures you see in that one view of the Grid and drag them next to another of the similar pictures. After repeating that process a few time, you have a group of similar pictures that are all side-by-side.


2007-03-01 04:28:10

Thanks for an interesting article
Haveing received my free LR license (RSP user), I am just now starting to try and learn the program
I was wondering about what you said in the last paragraph...
"...Lightroom can be asked to automatically stack images..."

How exactly do you accomplish that in LR?