Using Templates in the Print Module

by Michael Clark

One little fancy feature that many miss is the Templates that can be saved in the Print Module and in the Slideshow and Web Modules as well. I'll just cover the Print Module here as the others function in pretty much the exact same manner.

So, let's say that you have a certain layout you really like in the print Module and you would like to use that again at a later date. As in the image below - a recent image from a surfing shoot out in Encinitas, California - I have set up a horizontal print with my website address below it.


To save this layout for all future images I simply click on the "Add" Button in the left panel as in the image below. Instantaneously an outlined "Untitled Template" space will show up in the list above the Add and Remove buttons. Type in a descriptive name for your new template and it will be saved for later use.


To remove a Template simply select the one you wish to remove and click the "Remove" button. Simple stuff but very powerful. Especially when you need to print contact sheets for clients.

If you would like to back up these templates - or any others - outside of Lightroom you can find them at (on Apple computers):

User/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Print templates

And in fact all of the templates live in folders at:

User/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom

It is always a good idea to back these up on another drive just in case you have a fatal hard drive crash. That way you won't lose all of your custom Lightroom settings if something goes awry.

That's it for this week.

Adios, Michael Clark


Sean McCormack
2007-06-11 08:35:49
Hi Michael,
One other thing that Print Templates save is the printer configuration, so you'll need different Templates for different printers.
2007-06-18 07:53:57
I've written a more detailed tutorial on setting up a template for two 5x7 per page printing. Have a look: