Using the Print Module to Layout a Book

by Ken Milburn

One of the Lightroom Print module's strengths is the ease with which you can adjust the print margins so that you can place the image pretty much anywhere on a page that you like. Like most everything else in Lightroom, all it takes is dragging sliders while you watch until you like what you see. I've found this an invaluable aid in making very classy-looking hard-cover perfect-bound books that can be turned into portfolios, event albums, scrapbooks, of all...very high-priced art books.

It's always been possible to make prints and then send them to a book-binding company, but that may be a little beyond your budget. I've been wanting to do that for the many models for whom I take composite and portfolio pictures. Not to mention simply wanting a more elegant but affordable way to print my own images. So I was thrilled when, in the course of doing some research on an upcoming O'Reilly book, I came across a cool gadget called Photo Book Creator ( It's a "make your own photo book" kit that sells for just over $100, complete with a sample of a book cover and software that helps you layout and make the book. You get the binding machine, a sample cover, and layout software. These binders will hold only ten to forty (depending on thickness) pages of photo-quality inkjet paper, but if you buy double-sided paper, you can have twenty pages. You can also print multiple images per-page, so you could easily show off 30 or more images in a single book. All it takes to make a book is to print the pages, drop them into the slot in the binder cover and set the binder into the binding machine for about 90 seconds (see the image below). When you set the binder into the machine, it automatically turns on and heats the glue in the binding. Thirty seconds later, the binder turns off and you let it cool for a minute. Now you have a book. It's even easier than sliding prints into portfolio sleeves.

Photobook Creator.jpg