Using the Tint Wheels

by Ellen Anon

After my last blog, several people asked for information about using the Tint Wheels. The Tint Wheels can be very helpful to either introduce or remove color casts. They differ from the White Balance tools in that the latter alter the color cast of the entire image whereas the Tint Wheels affect specific parts of the tonal range. There’s a wheel for the shadows, the midtones and the highlights.

Most of the time I use the Color Balance sliders and/or eyedropper to adjust the color cast in my images. However there are times when that isn’t enough, particularly if I’ve shot under mixed lighting conditions. That’s when the Tint Wheels can be particularly helpful. Using the Tint Wheels I can adjust the warmth - or coolness - of the midtones independently from the shadows or highlights. Sometimes whites become too warm when there’s incandescent lighting and so you can decrease the yellow tint in the whites.


2007-11-28 05:00:13
Thank you very much !
Chaim Zvi
2007-11-28 09:28:39
After selecting the eyedropper, you can click on your photo and hold down the mouse. While held down, you can move the eyedropper around the photo, or even on another photo's thumbnail to choose a pixel. The entire image will show the effect of the new tint, and you can lift your finger off the mouse once you are happy with the color.

In other words, you do not have to reclick the eyedropper each time, as stated in tip #2. This works for the white balance eyedropper as well.

I believe I read about this in Inside Aperture!

Ellen Anon
2007-11-28 12:30:57
Chaim, you are correct that you can search for the spot to click by holding down the mouse and dragging over parts of the picture. I'll edit the tip to include that fact. Thank you for reminding me! However once you let go of the mouse you have to reclick the eyedropper if you change your mind.