/usr/bin/say hey!

by Robert Daeley

Like a lot of folks, I have multiple email accounts in Mail.app, checked automatically on a fairly rapid schedule (5- or 15-minute intervals usually). While the program's Bayesian spam filtering is quite spiffy most of the time, there are occasional "false negatives" that get through. In addition, when I'm busy working it gets to be annoying to be bothered checking email when often it's not that important.

A couple of years ago, I decided to leverage the power of the say command (man say for more info), which converts text to speech, and use its -o option to create .aiff files.


2006-05-03 05:45:21
I find my eyes are ultimately much faster at processing information than my ears, so I've been quite happy using Mail.appetizer as my 'filter' for deciding whether I need to pay attention to a piece of mail or not. Now if only Mail.appetizer let me instantly apply MailTags keywords...
2006-05-03 07:58:17
Why noy just use Growl which lets you do exactly the same thing, and much more, but without all the aiff files?
Robert Daeley
2006-05-03 08:55:03
Marcus -- while Growl is awesome, this is just a different way that doesn't require a separate utility running. To each his/her/its own.