Various Bare Bones updates

by Giles Turnbull

Just in case you’d missed it in the flood of iPhone news, Bare Bones has released updates for BBEdit, Yojimbo and TextWrangler today.

  • BBEdit 8.6 includes better Java and TeX language support, and now also supports Markdown (hooray!). There’s a bunch of other changes and some bug fixes. It’s $30 to upgrade from earlier versions of BBEdit 8, and it requires OS X 10.4.

  • Yojimbo 1.4 brings Applescript support, among other things, and is a free upgrade from all previous versions.

  • TextWrangler 2.2 comes with “more than a hundred” new features and fixes, and continues to be free for all.


Jochen Wolters
2007-01-09 15:21:25

For users of BBEdit 8.5.x, the upgrade to 8.6 is free. The $30 upgrade fee only applies to versions prior to 8.5.

2007-01-10 03:02:57
Jochen: thanks for pointing that out. The announcement Bare Bones emailed to me simply said "Registered owners of BBEdit 8 can upgrade for US$30," and didn't make any distinction regarding 8.5.

Still, good news. That's $30 I can put in my iPhone savings jar.