Vector Linux 5.9-Pseudo64-0.1 -- Finally, 64-bit Vector

by Caitlyn Martin

The first public Pseudo (alpha) release of Vector Linux 5.9 is now available. Normally a release like this wouldn't be worth blogging about. It's early development code. If you're used to Ubuntu then think Tribe 1. It's at that level. OK, it seems to be usable at this point but it's not something I'd recommend for a system that has to do real work.

The point? There's a 64-bit version. There has never been a 64-bit version of Vector Linux before. To me this is one more essential step towards Vector Linux being taken seriously as a major distribution.

In the past year we've seen Vector Linux offer commercial support for the first time, we've seen it offered preloaded on systems for the first time, we've seen huge steps forward on internationalization and localization, and now it seems likely that Vector Linux 6.0 will be available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. After trying a bunch of other smaller distros, some based on Slackware, some not, and being disappointed by most of them I'm excited about the prospect of 64-bit Vector.

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2007-09-12 12:08:16
Vector Linux is my current personal choice for a Linux distribution. Being a relative newbie, it's the most stable, configurable OS I've yet run. I'm glad to see they're expanding and doing the right thing.
2007-09-17 07:23:20
Finally, I can try out the distro. :)