Verizon To Keep 80% of its Bandwidth for Itself?

by Bruce Stewart

As the Net Neutrality war continues to heat up, Business Week reports today that Verizon's latest filing with the FCC includes information that shows they intend to keep as much as 80% of their network backbone for their own future IPTV services.

Documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission show that Verizon Communications (VZ) is setting aside a wide lane on its fiber-optic network for delivering its own television service. According to Marvin Sirbu, an engineering professor at Carnegie Mellon University who examined the documents, more than 80% of Verizon's current capacity is earmarked for carrying its service, while all other traffic jostles in the remainder.

Confirming many observers suspicions that the tiered-Internet plans of the access providers are really about the upcoming battles for IPTV, the Business Week article also noted that the large content providers who are potentially being faced with new, stiff fees from the carriers for the delivery of their bits in a timely fashion are gearing up for the impending legislative struggle.

On Feb. 7 the Net companies plan to take their complaints about Verizon's plans to the Senate during a hearing on telecom reform. "The Bells have designed a broadband system that squeezes out the public Internet in favor of services or content they want to provide," says Paul Misener, vice-president for global policy at

This fight is far from over, but the carriers would seem to have a distinct advantage today with an apparently sympathetic FCC, armies of lawyers, and decades more lobbying experience on Capital Hill.

Techdirt has been following the Net Neutrality debate closely, and does a great job of reminding us how the carriers have fallen down flat on their promises of fiber connections to the home, as well as about all the regulatory privledges and rate increase concessions they were given to implement their fiber networks. Fiber networks which now they apparently want to keep for themselves to be able to serve up their own IPTV services.


2006-02-02 17:37:26
In this week's Nation, there is an article by by Jeff Chester titled The End of the Internet? which paints an even darker picture of their plans. Worth the read