Very First OpenSource Conference in Japan

by Jean Hollis Weber

This report was posted to the [discuss] list on 8 September by Hirano Kazunari.

On September 4th, 10:00-17:00, OpenSource Conferece 2004 was held at the No.7 building of Japan Electronics College ( in Tokyo, Japan.
The 8-floor building was full of OpenSouce people all day on the Saturday.

26 OpenSource communities attended the conference and exhibited OpenSource softwares and tools they love to use and play with, such as Fedora, Firebird, Jabber,, Plamo Linux, Plone, Squeak, Xoops, Apache, MySQL, NetBSD, PHP, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Samba, vi, Webmin, Zope, Mozilla and so on.

The conference was jammed as a total of roughly 1,500 people visit. The 2nd floor was the exhibition floor where the Japan Users Group (whose core is the Japanese Native-lang project) also distributed about 200 Japanese OOo CD-ROMs.

Hideya Kawahara was invited as a key note speaker for a morning session of the conference. He is a Senior Staff Geek, Project Looking Glass, Advanced Development Group, Sun Microsystems, as read on his name card. The media calls him an "Ichiro (baseball player of the Seattle Mariners)" in the IT industry. His demonstration of the 3D desktop system with the Looking Glass fascinated the audiences packed in the main track room. He emphasized the importance of world-wide community development and said that the current forcus is Japanese community. He called, "Go get it! You are invited!" to the community (,

In the afternoon there were more than 30 sessions separated into several tracks for each floor. In the main track they had 3 sessions; "OpenSource and Agriculture," "OpenSource Business (panel discussion)" and "Nature of Community and its Future (panel discussion)." Other tracks included Community, Server, DataBase, Web, Plone, Desktop and Hands-on. One of the sessions in the Hands-on track was on " DataSource Function - Challenging Microsoft Office+Access." Computers were set on every desk in the Hands-on track room. Masahisa Kamataki from the Japan Users Group used and showed 25 attendees how to create tables, how to use DataSource, how to print labels and so on with dBASE. A session "Marketing in Japan" in the Desktop track was conducted by Yutaka Kachi, the marketing lead of the Japanese Native-lang project.

200 OpenSource people from various communities, who worked for the conference very hard, gathered at a party in the main track room after the conference. At the party the organizer Toru Miyahara, Co. president, announced that he will organize OSPN (OpenSource People Network) which will support OpenSource people and hold OpenSource Conferences. His plan is to have a series of OpenSource Conference 2005 in Hokkaido, Tokyo, Osaka and Okinawa next year.

Sponsors included Platinum sponsors (Apple Computer, NTT Comware and Sun Microsystems), two Gold sponsors and nine Silver
sponsors. Supporters included AIST (, IPA (, Japan Linux Association ( and Japan Unix Society (

The very first OpenSource Conference in Japan has got a success with many OpenSource people and supporters.